War Metal Sweden do accept submissions from both Record labels, PR Agents, bands and others from the music industry that has a band to present.
What we need from you to be featured on War Metal Sweden’s website in different forms under our menus is a complete EPK containing pictures, links, Media as music and videos and a full Bios in PDF format sent to us from you with a submission invitation request. (Se below)

If you are a PR agent or a Record label War Metal Sweden prefer you use some kind of promotion application Haulix for invitation request sent to us as it is easier for us to handle the information and it goes faster to publish. We also do accept Zipped files trough Dropbox, google drive or whatever you use. If you send it through a cloud the file must be packed in a folder and zipped in WIN RAR.
Please before you send it to us be aware it is a promotion request inquiry for invitation to view and download your material.
Note: Normally big media files do not work to send directly through  the email inbox why you need to pack it in a folder and zip it and upload it for us so we can download it. Thank you.

The EPK shall contain A full complete Biography of the band (where it tells the history of your band, past gigs/ coming gigs, Official band website links, band line-up pictures (preferably two in different size and formats, A SINGLE/CD/LP/EP Cover, past and present releases discography, etcetera important things we and the fans needs to know. That for us to be able to write a professional press release to marketing/promote your band.
The material can also be later used for Interview and reviews and also promotion to others within the music industry such as collaborating MetalZines, radio stations/podcasts, TV Streaming Online collaborations.


  • A full Biography of the band in preferable in PDF format
  • A Press release
  • Fliers with tour dates and presentation if you have a tour to present.
  • One or two High Quality Promotion Pictures of the band, Preferably  one line up picture fitting our header and if you have other pictures too we are happy to take them too so we can do something nice of it.
  • A band banner if you have one with white background.
  • Album cover picture of your release.
  • High Quality Promo Official Mp3’s and MP4’s. ( OBSERVE!  We only acquire high Quality Promo Official Videos and Audio. Not low quality)
  • Links to the websites online where the fans can buy your physical album and where to buy through download it
  • Links to the bands all online official websites you want to feature (See that they are updated)
  • Links to your Record label and also a banner for it
  • Other additional information and campaigns.

(See on our website other bands we have featured and presented on here)

NOTE: That we will not listen to MySpace or other Networks or audio files and go on such pages online. You have to submit an REAL EPK to us from an Haulix Services or Packed and Zipped file through a downloading cloud. Thank you

OBSERVE! We do not accept low quality material nor on pictures, audio and videos as we want to keep a high quality profile across our website and online as it looks more professional. Try to be as complete as possible with your material as it goes faster for War Metal Sweden then to publish your material. We will not deal with incomplete information as we have so much submissions to deal with and we do not have time to sit and search online for information of your band. You have to see that you have a full EPK submitted to us. Please if you are a band state in your submission if your signed or unsigned band. Thank you.

You are also welcome to send other requests on here. Cooperation requests and from fans. Thank you.


or through

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