Fans Of SHADOWKEEP Long Awaited Album Will Now Be Released With The Distinct Heavy Metal Vocals of James Rivera

Band:  ShadowKeep
Genre: Progressive Power Metal/Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: Friday, March 30th 2018
Album: Shadowkeep
Format: Stream/Download/CD
Label: Pure Steel Records

ShadowKeep are a progressive power metal band with three albums to their credit and an 13-year history, including supports for Ronnie James Dio, Halford and Symphony X. They are veterans of festivals across Europe and America – including Bloodstock in the UK. For over 10 years the SHADOWKEEP’s fans has awaited for a new album to be released. Now in 2018 the band is now striking back with a new vocalist and a new album is on its way.


Band Members
James Rivera – vocals
Chris Allen – guitars
Stony Grantham – bass
Omar Hayes – drums
Nikki Robson – guitars

The new vocalist is nobody else than Mr James Rivera himself, known from HELSTAR that now has joined the quintet from England. So it is to no wonder that the image of SHADOWKEEP now will change a little bit with this new awesome vocalist.

In the past SHADOWKEEP were compared with the more progressive QUEENSRYCHE or CRIMSON GLORY. The Comeback album will go more into the direction of classic 80’s US-Metal, because James Rivera and his remarkable distinct voice is putting his own stamp on the eleven fresh songs, so that the listener is reminded of the beautiful days of HELSTAR, DESTINY’S END or NEW EDEN.

The album can be orderd from Pure Steel Records shop, Release Date on March 30, 2018.

Cover artwork by: Timo Wuerz –

1. Atlantis
2. Guardian Of The Sea
3. Flight Across The Sand
4. Horse Of War
5. Little Lion
6. Angels And Omens
7. Isolation
8. Never Forgotten
9. The Sword Of Damocles
10. Immortal Drifter
11. Minotaur
Total Playing Time: 55:00 min

About ShadowKeep
ShadowKeep was formed in 1999 by guitarists Chris Allen and Nikki Robson, and Belgian vocalist Rogue M.
Only 6 months into the venture, and following the recording of a six-track EP at Thin Ice Studios, produced by Threshold guitarist Karl Groom, their opus “Dark Tower” became a phenomenon online, which led to mainstream press coverage in the US and elsewhere. As a result of their online exposure the track was also included as the opener on a German mag’s CD for unsigned bands – thus gaining them a record deal with Limb Music Productions in June 2000.

Two albums, “Corruption Within” and “A Chaos Theory”, followed to huge acclaim. The band soon gained support slots with Ronnie James Dio, Halford, Symphony X, Dream Evil and Flotsam & Jetsam. These major shows led to appearances at festivals in the UK, America, Germany and Holland – including the very first Bloodstock in the UK.

Sadly, in the course of Summer 2002, vocalist Rogue M. departed to concentrate on personal matters. Undeterred, ShadowKeep however started work on their third album, “The Hourglass Effect” – again with Karl Groom on production duties, adding ex Tygers Of Pan Tang / AngelWitch Richie Wicks on vocals, AngelWitch drummer Scott Higham on drums, and Texan Stony Grantham on bass.

These sessions produced some of Chris and Nikki’s most creative songwriting and things were looking up, with a new recording deal from Dutch label Melissa Records in place and Hourglass’ slated for a November 2008 release. The album was praised for its concise songs, soaring vocals and grand production. A reviewer from The Sun dubbed ShadowKeep “the new New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.”

But fate had one more card to play. Wicks left in 2009, soon after departure of Scott Higham to join UK prog band Pendragon. Thankfully drummer extra-ordinaire Omar Hayes, a long time friend of the band, quickly stepped in to keep the band on the road, but finding the right singer proved more difficult.

Now 10 years after the release of “The Hour Glass Effect” the Keep is back at last with a new vocalist and by that a new sound and they are now poised to take on the world with Storm!!!

Livedates 2018
SHADOWKEEP has announced their first live dates for 2018. The tour will be through Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

3rd March 2018 – Full Metal Hessen Festival, Germany
4th March 2018 – Colosseum, Gent, Belgium
5th March 2018 – Titans Club, Lens, Belgium
8th March 2018 – MTS LP’s und CD’s, Oldenburg, Germany
9th March 2018 – Black Pearl, Lünen, Germany
10th March 2018 – Cult Art Shop, Njverdal, The Netherlands

Shadowkeep, Full-length (2018)
The Hourglass Effect, Full-length (2008)
A Chaos Theory, Full-length (2002)
Corruption Within, Full-length (2000)
ShadowKeep, EP (1999)


Pure Steel Records Germany
Pure Steel Records

Already from i pushed play I went WOOOOW as fast i heard James Rivera’s Vocals! GRRRR James Rivera’s high pitched Heavy Metal screaming vocals is Pure Orgasmatron! Those vocals does not piss in the bucket at all! This album flies off and me with it! This is a Pure & True Heavy Metal mastrubating orgy from the beginning to the end and you wont get enough. Warning for raping the replay button until it goes broke! This is Better then Sex!
Rate: 5/5 With The Magnitude of Metal excellence!
Wictoria Olofsson – War Metal Sweden


GONOREAS Inks deal Releasing Worldwide The Full Length Album MINOTAOUR Through Art Gates Records In End Of February

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Habsburg AG Switzerland
Release Date: 23 February 2018
Format: Stream/Download/CD
Label: Art Gates Records

Over the past 30 years, the Alpine republic Switzerland blossomed into a profitable exporter for kick-ass hard rock and unconventional thrash and black metal bands.
Somewhere during this time did a four piece line-up taking form and this did drive these guys to create innovative and creative music. The band that was created was named Gonoreas.


Band Members
Leandro Pacheco – Vocals
Damir Eskic – Lead/Solo Guitars
Pat Rafaniello – Bass Guitar
Stefan Hösli – Drums

Now 30 years later the now reborn metal act Gonoreas has for almost two decades went into much mischief as music creators and during that time been very productive, these guys has produced five albums in V.O. Pulver´s Little Creek studio, recorded videos and pictures and toured around the world and gained themselves a dedicated following of a horde of fans. All their albums they have released so far has shined with a professional production that can very well be competing with the larger acts of today. These guys do not lie on the lazy side and it sure shines through in their whole creative production both in music as well in public image.
These guys mean serious business and their production is showing serious professional efforts.

After releasing five LP’s and constantly touring through Europe, Japan as well as Brazil the band is now ready to set the world on fire once again with the true and pure Heavy metal sound that most dedicated true metal fans will appreciate, especially those fans that loves old school sound of true genuine real metal. Their sound is classic Metal and you can hear the influences where it comes from, bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Especially in the vocals of Leandro Pacheco with his high metal pitch screaming vocals that makes your mind think of in some cases of Bruce Dickinson’s high pitched screaming operatic alt vocal ranges, you hear very well who this vocalist has been influenced from, still this band holds their own sound and style without be copycats. They simply do their own innovating thing.

The band has now signed a worldwide deal with Art Gates Records label and will now release their sixth album “Minotaur” on February 23, 2018 on all digital platforms online and on physical CD. You can already Pre-Order the CD album trough Att Gates Records own store.

26758741_1593107150767054_6481226213196856705_o (1)

Minotaur was recorded at Littlecreek Studio in Switzerland in may 2017, produced, mixed and mastered by V.O. Pulver and Gonoreas from June to August 2017 . Guitars Recorded by: Valentin Mösinger at Bonzehuus Aarau Mai 2017, Re-amping by V. O. Pulver. Intro Recorded by Pat Rafaniello in Zürich Juli 2017

Click the link to pre-order

_Minotaur_ Cover
Cover Artwork: Osmar Arroyo Cover Edited: in the middle of Booklet by Gyula Havanszak
Layout and Booklet Edited: Danny Rafaniello

1. Bloodstones
2. Seeds Of A New Future
3. Puzzle
4. Eris
5. Price Of Eternity
6. Fragments
7. Behind The Wall
8. Minotaur
9. Transcendence
10. The Lead Masks Of The Vintem Hill

Right now the band is planning for a tour inside Europe, further information for tour dates and information what countries they will be visiting can be found online at the band’s website and on Facebook.

“Minotaur” 2018
“Destructive Ways” 2015
“The Mask of Shame” 2013
“Apocalypse” 2011
“Plead not Guilty” 2007
“Outbreak” 2002


Art Gates Records Spain

I actually fell in love from the time i pressed play, first that intro. It took me on a trip to the middle east and Greece and i sat there and thought eumm ok this is good, sounds good….Then bang! SURPRISED! I was taken on the couch! Something unexpected came suddenly out of my headphones as that intro had totally fooled me. There, Suddenly came the sound of true pure metal of a vocalist awesome vocals and these guitarists!! I dropped my chin in the table of what i heard. WOW true metal, true old school metal and these guys can riff, shred and solo away in fast tempo like there was no tomorrow and his high pitched metal screaming vocal range make me say i am out of words. Very technically skilled band. Impressive!! You wont be disappointed what you will hear from the time you press play. Their whole album package is a gem with metal true power and energy of Judas priest-ish style and vocal ranges classical old NWOBHM style a la influential of  Iron Maiden-ish style a la Bruce Dickingson of high pitched loud vocal ranges of catchy refrains and sing along lyrical songs without be a copy cat, well i think you get it!, he sure do his own thing but you hear influences of who he is impressed of that vocalist and  you cannot help yourself that the vocals get stuck like a prisoner in your head too, not to talk about their guitars. It makes you want to go into air guitaring yourself and you cannot decide if you gonna air drumming or air guitaring so you look like an idiot probably whilst you trying to do both at the same time.  I strongly recommend this album. A True PURE Metal album! this is No nonsence metal. This is the real deal!! Ohh i longed to hear bands do metal this way, new bands, old bands and therefor Gonoreas won my heart so my music critique Wacken Metal Battle chairman Jury ears and gotten themselves a new fan all the way from Sweden! ME! Great job guys of Gonoreas as i am not very easily flirtdated at all. A band must have IT of the TRUE classical metal sound so a production that impresses me to even impress me a bit and make me become their fan! Keep up the great riffing solos and true metal vocal high-pitched ranged work so the galloping sound of guitars and hard bashing drumming and your dedication you show trough your production work and i will remain galopping around with you! VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! THIS IS REAL AND GENUINE TRUE METAL!! NOT SOME MODERN POP JUNK FAKE METAL MOST NEW GENERATIONAL BANDS TRY TO MAKE THESE DAYS BELIVING THEY CREATING METAL AND CALLING IT SO!! I AM OF THE OLD GENERATION OF THE 80’s TEENS TO NOT EVEN BE IMPRESSED OF THAT! RATHER THE OPPOSITE! TURNED OFF!! BUT GONOREAS WOW!! THIS IS PURE AND TRUE METAL ON METAL! HAIL GONOREAS!!, A BAND THAT  NOT HAS LOST TOUCH AND MAKES SURE TO KEEP THE METAL STILL PURE AND TRUE AS THEY WAS BORN ONCE TO DO! LEARN YOU CHILDREN BY GONOREAS HOW REAL METAL SHALL SOUND!!! RATE: 4/5. War Metal Sweden – Wictoria Olofsson.

Legends of ST. ELMOS FIRE are back, Releases EVIL NEVER SLEEPS Trough Pure Steel Records

Genre: Melodic Metal
Country: Sacramento – CA, US
Release Date: March 30, 2018
Album: Evil Never Sleeps
Format: Stream/Download/CD/LP
Label: Pure Steel Records


Two and a half years ago, the complete back catalogue of this California US Metal cult band had been re-released through Karthago Records, which included all re-releases between 1986 and 1992. Now the first album since “Desperate Years” is ready to take over. Powerful, yet melodic Heavy Metal still is the sound, and St. Elmo’s Fire are back after 25 years with their new album “Evil Never Sleeps”. The vocals of new singer Kevin Brady also fit perfectly into the sound that fans of the early days will love.

ST Elmos Fire
St. Elmos Fire during the 80’s

The Legends of ST. ELMOS FIRE are back and are ready to take the hearts of all Metal fans by storm again with their new burning hot 15 track album “Evil Never Sleeps” in CD/Vinyl and Digital formats.


Kevin Brady – vocals
Jeff Jones – guitars
Chris Stringari – bass
Tom Frost – drums

The band St. Elmo’s Fire has already released their newest album “EVIL NEVER SLEEPS” as a digital download in advance as a worldwide release. The CD and vinyl versions will be released in March 2018.

The recording of “EVIL NEVER SLEEPS” started in July 2016 the final mixing was finished in September 2017.

The 15 songs album is their fifth studio record since their release of “Desperate Years” in 1992 and their first today now showcasing a brand new St. Elmo’s Fire lineup. The band’s founder, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Jones, is now joined by new members Kevin Brady (vocals), Tom Frost (drums and backing vocals) and bassist Chris Stringari.

“EVIL NEVER SLEEPS” are written by band founder Jones. The album is a theme based album focusing on looking upon our world today of Evil in it’s various forms, from religious and state based terror, to mass killings and horror that is portrayed in our popular culture today as something normal.


Airplay already started at Thursday, January 25, 2018. You can already now stream and buy the whole album of “Evil Never Sleeps” on all digital downloading and streaming platforms online such as iTunes, Deezer, CdBaby, Amazon and Spotify.

“Hammer” is the first video from “EVIL NEVER SLEEPS” and is based on the graphic novel series created by Jones’ brother Kelley Jones(DC Comics artist of Batman)


1. Will Not Die
2. Rise
3. Betrayer
4. Lord Of Thunder
5. 5. I Begin
6. Evil Never Sleeps – Doomsday
7. Soultaker
8. Across The Nations
9. Asleep In The Never
10. Hammer
11. Unslaved
12. Wasted
13. Evil Never Sleeps – Doomsday (alt Version, Bonustrack)
14. Betrayer (alt Version, Bonustrack)
15. Wasted (alt Version, Bonustrack)
Total Play Time: 71:58 min

Some background
St. Elmo’s Fire was formed in Sacramento/Citrus Heights, California by guitarist Jeff Jones and vocalist Tim Raynor-Allwein in June 1979. Drummer Alan Kreutzer and bassist Steve Raynor joined later that summer.

Due to their high energy performances and songs the band quickly became a favorite in the local club scene especially in college areas such as UC Davis and Berkeley. Within a year they were opening for major acts such as Nightranger, Y&T, Nazareth and other major acts, in the Bay Area club circuit which included the prestigious Keystone Clubs. Their original demos soon became highly sought after and the band would literally sell thousands to their fans. They remain highly collectible even today.

In 1981 the band completed a 4 month tour of Canada where they caught the attention of producer Dito Godwin (No Doubt, Great White, Peter Criss, Wildside) who agreed to produce and manage the band. In 1982 the band released their first single “Too Bad” to rave reviews in the US and Europe. By 1983 the band relocated to Hollywood and soon Zane Lazar replaced Tim as vocalist . Kris Gustofson of Shrapnel recording artist “Trauma” ( which included bassist Cliff Burton who later was recruited by Metallica) joined the band on drums as well as bassist Simon Evans from Switzerland.Performed all over Northern California starting in 1980 in Davis California playing at such clubs as “The Brewery” and the “Antique Bizarre”.

Later played the San Francisco Bay area opening for international acts such as Nightranger, Y&T, Mötley Crüe, Nazareth among others, Became regulars on the famous Keystone Club circuit before relocating to L.A in 1984. The band played already at the big places as Whisky-a Go -Go, the Roxy, The Troubadour and Gazzarri’s in Hollywood before they signed their first record deal in 1986.

St. Elmos Fire soon became a hit on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood performing regularly at the Whisky-A-Go-Go,The Roxy, The Troubadour, and Gazzarri’s. Even though they played a darker and harder sound than most “Strip” bands at the time , the LA fans loved them and they headlined with such bands as Warrant, Poison,and Hurricane amongst others.

In 1992 after their “Lovers and Madmen” tour St. Elmos Fire disbanded.
Jeff, in 1993, joined the California-based band “Vamp Le Stat”, where he recorded and wrote the “Bloodline“ CD before leaving in 1995.

“Desperate Years”, (CD/ CA) (1992)
“Powerdrive”, (LP /CD /CA) (1990)
“Warning From The Sky”, (LP /CD) (1988)
“St. Elmo’s Fire”, (LP) (1986)
4 song demo,  (demo) (1984)
“Really in Love” /”Too Bad “, (single) (1982)


Pure Steel Records Germany
Pure Steel Records


It is now time for the big announcement!

Bob Mitchell, Talent Aquisition Consultant at Pure Steel Records announces today that he and Pure Steel Records crew has today inked a deal with Cloven Hoof.

Cloven Hoof band

This is what he says about inking a deal with this legendary band:

I am so proud to share with all of you that I have the privilege of announcing PURE STEEL RECORDS newest acquisition!

Wolverhampton, England UK & PURE STEEL RECORDS are honored and proud to announce the Official world-wide signing of yet another NWOBHM Legend, the one and only CLOVEN HOOF!

The band have begun to work on their new album titled “IMMORTAL” that will see its release in late spring 2018 on CD, Vinyl and DDL!

This album will be the follow-up to 2017’s “Who Mourns The Mourning Star”. An album which has been a critical and commercial success. So much so, that the album has earned the award of “Album of the Year” by media and fans around the world.

More details for “IMMORTAL” on the release date, track listing, artwork will be forthcoming.

CLOVEN HOOF came onto the Metal world in 1979 and to this very day are still brandishing their no-nonsense style of Heavy Metal that fans around the world have come to admire for all these years. They are one of the most influential bands of the NWOBHM movement. Throughout their illustrious career, the band have released two EP’s and six full length albums. Pure Steel are proud to be participating in the release of their seventh album for all of you!

In addition to this historic signing, CLOVEN HOOF will be Headlining The German Sword Brothers Festival on February 24th, 2018 and will be part of the Bang Your Head Festival on July 12th – 14th. Finally, the band will embark on its first ever Tour of The United States beginning in September! Details will be forthcoming.

Here now is a OFFICAL statement from founding member Lee Payne:

“Cloven Hoof are honored to be signing to Pure Steel. We will be joining a growing number of great bands on this legendary label.

We look forward to working with Pure Steel on the follow-up album to “Who Mourns for the Morning Star.” We promise to raise the bar even further with “Immortal”.

The current Anglo-American line up is the finest in the band’s history and Pure Steel is the right label for Cloven Hoof because they are true metal to the bone! Here’s to a successful partnership with many classic albums to come.”

Lee, George, Chris, Luke and Danny

CLOVEN HOOF salute you!!

George Call / Lead Vocals
Lee Payne / Bass guitar
Luke Hatton / Guitar
Danny White / Drums
Chris Coss / Guitar



Pure Steel Records Germany
Pure Steel Records


Swedish Symphonic Metallers ELEINE Releases New Album UNTIL THE END Through Black Lodge Records.

Band: Eleine
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country: Sweden
Release Date: February 23, 2018
Album: Until The End
Format: Stream/Download/CD/Vinyl
Label: Black Lodge Records

Eleine LoggaWEBB1_Eleine_MachineRoomDesign

Madeleine “Eleine” Liljestam – Vocal
Rikard Ekberg – Guitar, vocal
David Eriksson – Drums
Andreas Mårtensson – Bass
Sebastian Berglund – Keyboard

Swedish Eleine from Malmö, Sweden is a Symphonic Heavy Metal band with clean singing and growl vocals with an oriental western style of touch of sound and image.
Since their debut full-length album in 2015 they have performed on several acclaimed  festivals with great reviews.
The band Eleine has grown a lot in a very short period of time, they have already shared stages with bands such as Darkane, Sister Sin and Raubtier and have performed at numerous popular venues as Sweden Rock Festival, Gefle Festival and Rock Stage Malmö Festival to name a few. They even went on a European Tour alongside the legendary band Moonspell, The Foreshadowing and Europe . And also with the legendary Heavy Metal band W.A.S.P on their tour inside Sweden. The band was after that invited for the very first time to perform at Loud & Metal Mania Festival in Tokyo, Japan.

It all began in late 2011 when front vocalist Madeleine began working with Cardiac Records and Rikard Ekberg, the band’s guitarist and Vocalist growler that is also the main songwriter along side with Madeleine. In 2013 they found the three remaining musicians that completed the band line-up; David Eriksson on drums, Sebastian Berglund on keyboard and Andreas Mårtensson on bass.

The year after in April, 2014 The band released their very first single alongside with the music video “Gathering Storm”. In March 2015, A pre-release single of “Land Beyond Sanity” 
to their upcoming Full-length Album Self-titled “Eleine”, released in April 2015. Both released through Cardiac Records/Universal Records. The single was very well received both by fans and metal magazines. The following year 2016 The band Eleine took a new turn when the band went separate ways with Cardiac Records. In June the same year Eleine self-released their second single “Break Take Live” alongside with the music video with the same title and performed at Sweden Rock Festival.

In the beginning of 2017 Madeleine and Rikard started their own record label, Algoth Records. They began working with the renowned label Black Lodge Records and Sound Pollution Distribution which the renowned single “Hell Moon” was released through.
Same year Elenie played at several successful shows inside Sweden as Gefle Metal Festival, Svedala Rock and Rock It Festival to mention a few of them.


Currently, the band has pre-released the single “Sanity” in January 2018 to their full-length upcoming album “Until The End” that will be released on February 23, 2018. The band is now in the middle of their planning for year 2018 performances and forward.

The song “Sanity” from Eleine’s latest single, released in January 2018, pre-released for their up-coming full-length album “Until The End”

Click the link to pre-order

Eleine - Until The End Cover

1. Story Untold
2. Echoes
3. Sanity
4. From The Grave
5. Whisper My Child
6. Until The End
7. Please
8. Another Rite
9. Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)
10. Prelude: Arise
11. Break Take Live

Until The End – Album (2018)
Sanity – Single (2018)
Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die) – Single (2017)
Break Take Live – Single (2016)
Eleine – Album (2015)
Land Beyond Sanity – Single (2015)
Gathering Storm – Single (2014)


Black Lodge Records Sweden
Black Lodge Records, Sweden
sound pollution -
Sound Pollution

Madeleine´s passionated, crisp clear singing vocals with Rikard´s beastlike deep growl unclean backing vocals in combination with the powerful symphonic music makes this band into an excellent combination of powerful sound and ambience in one whole package. The production this band has created is one of the most impressing ones i have seen in a long time with the thought of how such a short time this band actually has existed on the Swedish metal horizon. This band has massive potential! A band you absolutely shall not miss if you love metal music!
Swedish Metal has yet another star arising on the Swedish Metal horizon called, ELEINE! RATE: 5/5 WAR METAL SWEDEN – Wictoria Olofsson

NWOBHM Legends CLOVEN HOOF Will Release Unreleased Music after 30 Years in the Archives..

Cloven Hoof logotype

On February 6, 2018 the now re-activated Legendary NWOBHM band Cloven Hoof will re-releases a two-part series cd compilation album named 
“Definition Part One”
and “Definition Part Two” in different covers.
The album is unreleased Cloven Hoof material that been lying around in the archives for 30 years and collected dust but now are dusted off and two albums of this material was presented latest in 2017 re-release from the material through Metal Nation Records. Today they have re-recorded both albums with their new vocalist. Only previously available from band gigs ten years ago the cd has now been repackaged and given a professional release with distribution for the very first time .


The albums will be released by Metal Nation Records , A label that is owned by the today well renowned NWOBHM label Neat Records ex owner, Jess Cox. This label existed in back in the time when the Genre Heavy Metal was created through the NWOBHM movement in UK that raised into power and the Neat label was created to release all the NWOBHM legends music on.  The today label Metal Nation was later on also created by the well-known vocalist Jess Cox in 2004 for the revival and re-release and new release of British 80s rock acts, primarily coming from the legendary metal act legends of the NWOBHM scene.
Jess is also known as Tygers Of Pan Tang’s original vocalist and founder of the band together with Tygers own today still original guitarist Robb Weir.

The Cloven Hoof two-part albums “Definition Part One” and “Definition Part Two” that now will be released again in 2018 will be distributed by Plastic Head Records Distribution and Rock Inc in Netherlands. The album is about Cloven Hoof unreleased stuff story that now at last has come out after 30 years laying hidden in the archives that no one heard before.


First In the album series named “The Definitive Part One“:

Active throughout the 1980’s the band folded in 1989 but reemerged in the mid ‘ Noughties. Aware none of their four albums were available bassist and founder , Lee Payne together with long time CH vocalist Russ North recruited drummer Joe Brown and guitarist Ben Read , re-entering the studio to record a new unreleased track together with unavailable classics from their back catalogue.
Only previously available from band gigs ten years ago the cd has been repackaged and given a professional release with distribution for the first time .The booklet has been extensively overhauled with new sleeve notes by the band and personal photos added plus full lyrics .

Click to Order: Cloven-Hoof-The-Definitive-Part-One-CD-2018


1. Inquisitor
2. Nova Battlestar
3. The Gates Of Gehenna
4. Astral Rider
5. Kiss Of Evil
6. Mutilator
7. Reach For The Sky
8. The Road Of Eagles
9. Return Of The Passover
10. Laying Down The Law
11. Mistress Of The Forest


second album In the series named  “The Definitive Part Two”:

The second part of this series consists of rare and unreleased tracks recorded by CH in recent years and highlights four great vocalists associated with them during that time . The first five tracks are the 2010 band self financed ep, ‘ The Throne Of Damnation ‘ – a short run private pressing featuring vocalist Matt Moreton [who had appeared on two previous Hoof albums] . This ep was never made available commercially again ,only sold via the band .
The other six tracks are unreleased gems featuring one song each from the vocal talents of Ash Cooper and recent frontman Joe Whelan who now tours as a featured vocalist in Jeff Wayne’s Arena musical of ‘War Of The Worlds’.
The final four song featuring the talented vocalist Lee Small ( Lionheart and Ex Shy,Phenomena and Skyscraper frontman.) A full explanation of this period is included in the cd booklet by Lee Payne.

Click to Order: Cloven-Hoof-The-Definitive-Part-Two-CD-2018


1. Running Man
2. Prime Time
3. Night Stalker
4. Freakshow
5. Whore Of Babylon
6. I’m Your Nemesis
7. Do What Thou Wilt
8. Age Of Steel
9. Look To The Sky
10. Curse Of The Gypsy
11. Contagion

cloven hoof

George Call / Lead Vocals
Lee Payne / Bass guitar
Luke Hatton / Guitar
Danny White / Drums
Chris Coss / Guitar



Against PR
Against PR
Metal Nation Records. Jess Cox. 

NWOBHM PROWLER LEGENDS – SPARTAN WARRIOR Releases “Hell To Pay” – Release Date: 23rd February 2018 via Pure Steel Records.

Band: Spartan Warrior
Genre: NWOBHM /Heavy Metal
Country: SunderlandUnited Kingdom
Release Date: Friday, February 23rd 2018
Album: Hell To Pay
Format: Stream/Download/CD
Label: Pure Steel Records, Germany



Who are a hugely prestigious signing at Pure Steel Records, are today one of the hottest bands of the NWOBHM movement.


NWOBHM PROWLER LEGENDS – SPARTAN WARRIOR “Releases their full-length album “Hell To Pay”, Release Date are on the 23rd February, 2018.

The release date of the of the new album “Hell To Pay“ by the british Heavy Metal Band SPARTAN WARRIOR on CD is February 23rd, 2018. The pre-order phase will start on February 9th, 2018 at Pure steel Records webshop , 2 weeks before the official album release on all connected distributor shops online. The radio airing has already started.

The band’s debut album “Steel n‘ Chains“ and their self-titled second album which were released during 1983 and 1984 to critical acclaim were albums of great quality and continue to attract a deserved cult status among Heavy Metal aficionados.

In 2009 this 30 year legendary band re-reunited and subsequently released the “Behind Closed Eyes” album which also heralded the bands return to the live circuit both at home in the UK and abroad.

“Hell To Pay” is the bands fourth album and the 10 featured songs and the bands performances on this album provide firm evidence, if ever that were needed, that founding members David and Neil Wilkinson have lost nothing of their original power and appeal.

Harnessing the force of a line up that has essentially been together since mid 2011 the band deliver 45 minutes of quality hard rock infused heavy metal.

Drawing on influences as thunderous as Saxon and as melodic as UFO, Spartan Warrior show their dexterity as song writers and performers.

Driven by the powerhouse rhythm section of James Charlton (Drums) and Tim Morton (Bass) Spartan Warrior launch a heavy metal attack on tracks such as “Walls Fall Down”, “Fallen”, “In Memorium” and the title track “Hell To Pay” whilst equally delivering the sublime balladry of “Something to Believe In” and the hook laden choruses of “Lettin Go” and “Bad Attitude”.

The twin guitar attack of Neil Wilkinson and Dan Rochester is a force to be reckoned with and the vocals of David Wilkinson have lost none of their characteristic bite.

Spartan Warrior have delivered an album of great quality and which is truly representative of the bands status as a stunning live act.

The Union Jack is flown high above Pure Steel Records HQ… Are you ready!

Cover Art by: Timo Wuerz,

1. Hell To Pay
2. Bad Attitude
3. Letting Go
4. Court Of Clowns
5. Something To Believe
6. Walls Fall Down
7. Shadowland
8. Covered In Lust
9. Fallen
10. In Memorium
Total Playing Time: 51:50 min

Spartan Warrior – History

NWOBHM- New Wave of British Heavy Metal band, Spartan Warrior was formed in the North East of England in the Autumn of 1980.
Between 1980 and 1982 the band carved the themselves a solid reputation on the live circuit before attracting the attention of Guardian Studios.
Spartan Warrior recorded two tracks “Steel n Chains” and “Easy Prey/Comes as no Surprise” which featured on the Guardian Studios compilation album “Pure Overkill” in 1983.
Later that same year Spartan Warrior recorded and released their first full length album “Steel n’ Chains”.

Such was the response to the release of the bands full length debut that Spartan Warrior signed to Roadrunner and 1984 heralded the release of the bands second self-titled album with world-wide release.

With the possibility of a significant touring schedule ahead and against a background of competing band and personal interests Spartan Warrior split in 1985 before realising their full potential.


Hell To Pay – Album, Pure Steel Records (2018)
Spartan Warrior 30th Anniversary – Single,limited Self release (2013)
Spartan Warrior HOA 2011 – DVD (2012)
Behind Closed Eyes –  Album , Iron Age Records (2010)
Never Take Me Alive –  Single, Cadiz (2009)
Spartan Warrior Official re-release – Metal Mind Productions(2009)
All Hell Has Broken Loose –  Compilation, Bronze (1985)
Spartan Warrior – Album, Roadrunner Records (1984)
100% Pure Metal Sampler – Compilation, Roadrunner Records (1984)
The Metal Machine – Compilation, Roadrunner Records (1984)
Steel N’ Chains – Album, Guardian Records N’ Tapes (1983)
Pure Overkill –  Compilation ,  Guardian Records N’ Tapes  (1983)


Pure Steel Records Germany
Pure Steel Records Germany

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