Australian TRIGGER Releases Debut Album CRYOGENESIS Through Hellfire Records

Artist: Trigger
Genre: Melodic Thrash/Progressive Metal
Country: Australia
Release title: Cryogenesis
Release Date: July 18, 2017 (Australia) January 5th, 2018 Worldvide
Format: Stream/Download/CD
Label: Hellfire Records
Rate: 4 /5

Trigger is an established 5-piece Heavy Metal band formed in Melbourne,Australia in 2011.
They made their mark on the Australian metal scene with the release of their debut EP Machina in 2014, with a signature sound that melds European melody with American grit are they standing out with their hook-driven approach and catchy harmonies. The band influences are from bands such as In Flames, Trivium and Iron Maiden.

In 2017, Trigger released a 10 track narrative culminating in Cryogenesis, their debut album. A sci-fi influenced concept album spanning 10 tracks at 53 minutes. The album was Recorded & mixed at Monolith Studios by Chris Themelco.  Mastered at Panic Room Studios by Thomas Plec Johansson, Sweden. On the lead up to their album release, Trigger signed on with Hellfire Records Australia for worldwide distribution.


Tim Leopold – Vocals
Luke Ashley – Guitar
Sean Solley – Guitar
Matt Ambrose – Bass
Tim Joyce – Drums

This is what the guitarist Luke Ashley in Trigger says about their new album;

“Cryogenesis is a science-fiction narrative that addresses the struggle of gods and man. These historical demigods are all too real and not of this world; constantly vying for cultural control and dominion over humanity. Upon the Forge of Hephaestus, Tethered to the Tide and Veins of Ambrosia are excerpts of alien forces exercising their will, whilst Dead Sun and Dysphoria focus on the human psyche. We have created a world akin to our own, referencing important points in human history with a grimmer mythological impact. Sonically, our vision for the album was to bridge the gap between European and American influences, as well as the classic and modern aesthetics of metal. We wanted this to be a dynamic release that highlights the variety of the metal subcultures and throws them into a melting pot. It’s fast but spacious, heavy but contoured, all tied together with melodic strains. We’ve honed a unique identity for this release – we hope people have as much fun listening to Cryogenesis as we did writing it.”

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Art by Janan Isk.

1. Upon The Forge Of Hepaestus
2. Dead Sun
3. Echoes Of The Silenced
4. Crowned
5. Tethered To The Tide
6. Devide
7. Alexandria
8. DeluZion
9. Dysphoria
10. Veins Of Ambrosia

Cryogenesis – ALBUM (2017)
Machina – EP (2014)


Against PR
Against PR
Hellfire Records Australia

Finnish Metalcore RED RAVEN DOWN EP Phantoms Out Via Inverse Records.

Band: Red Raven Down
Genre: Metalcore
Country: Finland
Release date: December 15, 2017
Album: Phantoms
Format:  Digital Download/Streaming
Label: Inverse Records


Vocals – Jani Korpela
Guitars – Esa Tala
Guitars – Manu Lenkkeri
Bass – Mikko Parkkonen
Drums – Jere Haapala

The band was formed in 2016 but every member already have quite a history working with music. Even though the band is relatively new it has already been featured on all the major media outlets. Earlier this year the band’s singer Jani Korpela participated in the national Television at the TV show “The Voice Of Finland” in February 2017, performing Slipknot‘s song ‘Psychosocial’.
The performance was so stunning that it rapidly spread almost in every essential music media like Loudwire, Alternative Press, Metal Hammer, Metal Injection just to name a few.

Phantoms was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mika Autio (HallaFreakquency).

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1. Intro
2. Ashes
3. Phantoms
4. Rotten

PHANTOMS – EP (2017)
Ashes – Single (2017)
Wreckage – Single (2017)
The Vale of Shadows – Single (2017)


Inverse Records Finland

Feedback: When classic Metalcore are as it ‘s best! Awesome vocals, drummings and especially the sound of the guitars. Keep on “Angry” Screaming Jani we all love it! “Intro” on this EP i say one thing about from the time i pressed play; Just bloody wonderful! Rate: 4/5 Wictoria Olofsson – War Metal Sweden

The Finnish Symphonic Metallers VINIDE Releases New Album ”Reveal” In Late January.

Band: Vinide
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Country:  Kuhmo, Finland
Release date: January 26, 2018
Album:  Reveal
Format: CD/Digital
Label:  Inverse Records


Elmeri Kinnunen – guitars, vocals
Mikko Kähkönen – guitars
Heikki Polvinen – keyboards
Jaakko Juntunen – drums

In the year 2003 the band played its first notes and this the third album in the history and together with Ep releases the eighth release within the whole discography.

Vinide’s spontaneous work continues in a form of a full length concept album. The band has made their sound larger, punchier and wider throughout an experimental work after the previous releases (The last ”Odes For Thoughts” , 2014). Still, the music has its original line in the composing and arranging work.

The composing of the new album begun in spring 2015 when Elmeri Kinnunen (Vocals & guitars) came up with an idea of science fiction story. Very quickly the band was handling their first concept album. After a very fast process of composing the recordings of the album begun in December 2015 at the famous Musiikkituottaja Studio, Kuhmo, Finland. After all the work stretch 1,5 year-long and during the time the band tighten up into four-member group and decided to continue without a bassist. The recording itself happened in a schedule formed by the band itself and was really easy-going but still very determined.


”Reveal” is a science fiction story about a large information technology company ”OMEGA’s” former employee who finds himself locked in a mental asylum and is even sentenced to death. After he escapes the asylum he starts to find out what is really going on and what is the biggest interest of OMEGA’s artificial intelligence project. The fears of the future seem to come true meanwhile the humankind is driving itself towards definite termination. The story goes on and a lot of plot twists are going to happen. How big is the urge to create something that humans don’t fully understand? What is going to happen to our hero during his journey finding out the origin of everything.

Recording, mixing and producing the whole album Elmeri Kinnunen also has composed the pieces in collaboration with guitarist Mikko Kähkönen and keyboard player Heikki Polvinen. The final touch was given at Finnvox Studio by Mika Jussila mastering the album. Cover art is by Petri Lampela.

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KANSI_FINAL_2400x2400 2

2.The Beginning Scene
6.The Rat
9.The Truth
10.The Plan
12.The Bombs
13.Another Dimension
14.The Great Voyage
15.Save The Earth

Vinide – Album 2007
The Puzzle – Ep 2008
Into The Waters – Ep 2010
Odes For Thoughts – Album 2014
Reveal – Album 2018


Inverse Records Finland

The SAVAGE GOD’S of SONIC PROPHESY Releases Album Via Rockshots Records

Band: Sonic Prophesy
Genre: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
Country: Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Release date: January 19, 2018.
Album: Savage Gods
Format: Stream/Download/CD
Label: Rockshots Records

Pure American Power Metal rooted in the tradition of Heavy Metal’s storied past, melded with the symphonic beauty of today’s Power Metal forerunners and delivered with Sonic Prophecy’s own brand of fury, melody, power, and steel!

Lineup Sonic Prophecy 2017

Shane Provstgaard – Vocals
Darrin Goodman – Guitar
Sebastian Martin – Guitar
Ron Zemanek – Bass
Matt LeFevre – Drums

Sonic Prophecy takes influences from the Great Old Gods of the Pantheon of Heavy Metal! Their aim…to join their inspirations on those giddy Olympian Heights and bring the glory of heavy metal down to Earth! Sonic Prophecy describes their music as, “thematic power-infused heavy metal.”

Formed in 2008, and inspired by the likes of Dio, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Black Sabbath, Iced Earth, Sonic Prophecy has released two fine, well-received albums, ‘A Divine Act of War’ and ‘Apocalyptic Promenade’, and now prepare to unleash their third, ‘Savage Gods’, through Rockshots Records on January 19th 2018.

This album builds on the firm foundations created by its predecessors; but expands Sonic Prophecy’s sound into further realms musically and lyrically.

Sonic Prophecy, are like Iron Maiden, a larger than life band, inspired by this world but very much creating their own. As vocalistShane Provstgaard states proudly. “We formed to play Heavy Metal, we have always played Heavy Metal, and we always will play Heavy Metal!”

Shane is stoked for fans to hear ‘Savage Gods’. “Our fans will love this album. As a record it combines all of the things people liked about our previous releases and then moves us forward into new areas musically and lyrically.”

It’s in the live arena that Sonic Prophecy really lay down the law. “We realise that people’s time and money are important and that they are a show to be entertained. We give every show 100% regardless of whether the crowd is twenty people or thousands of people. We also approach our live shows as fans of Heavy Metal, knowing that we represent, on some level, all of the influences that came before us. This means visually and sonically we deliver a show that is fun to watch, inclusive of the crowd, and above all else, loud and proud!”

The Music are Produced by Matt Hepworth, Shane Provstgaard, Darrin Goodman and Matt Lefevre Mixed by Matt Hepworth at Studio Nu and Mastered by Stephen Smith at Soundsmiths Mastering Studios.

Savage Gods is up for pre-order as well as a CD T-Shirt combination at a savagely discounted price. Click the link to order now.

Sonic Prophesy - Savage Gods
Album artwork by: Aldo Requena

Track Listing
1. Savage Gods (6:44)
2. Night Terror (5:38)
3. Unholy Blood (5:13)
4. Dreaming Of The Storm (4:55)
5. Man The Guns (5:04)
6. Walk Through The Fire (7:09)
7. A Prayer Before Battle (5:46)
8. Iron Clad Heart (5:24)
9. Man and Machine (6:44)
10. Chasing The Horizon (6:14)
Album Length: 58:57

2018 – Savage Gods (Rockshots Records)
2015 – Apocalyptic Promenade (Maple Metal Records)
2011 – A Divine Act of War


Rockshots Records

“An album of classical Heavy Metal and Power Metal Tunes mixed in one album. The music simply throws you back into hearing very strongly the influences of Classical bands within the power metal scene of Europe even, still you hear influences of Classic Heavy Metal in the music that tones the power metal sound down a bit without losing it all totally and these guys has sure found their own style and sound. Simply; An Excellent mix of experimental music of different genres within metal without be an copy cat of other bands sound or even losing their foundation, These guys can deliver their own stuff! Simply Excellent!” Rate: 4/5 Wictoria Olofsson – War Metal Sweden.


CROSSBONES “WWIII” Is Making Quite a Buzz Since its Launch in January, 2017.

Band: Crossbones
Genre: Rock/Metal
Release date: January 13, 2017
Album: WWIII
Format: Stream/Download/CD
Label: Nadir Music Genova/Italy


Crossbones is the most recognized metal act in Albania and the only band from the mid 90-s that kept going. Among countless gigs and performances, Crossbones have played aside Rock and Metal giants such as Ian Paice, legendary drummer of Deep Purple and as a direct support act for Greek Black Metal legends of Rotting Christ.

Crossbones is the only metal band as well to “sell” outside the Albanian borders and tour around and gaining international recognition. The band have played and headlined in many concerts and festivals in the local scene, as well as Italy, Greece, FYROM, Montenegro, Kosovo and recently toured in Baltic States (Estonia and Latvia) 1-3 June 2017, organized by THP Production.

Their new album “WWIII” is making quite a buzz since its launch in January 13, 2017. The news has spread throughout 3 continents, Europe, USA and Australia in about 100 webzines and portals with great reviews.

Crossbones Cover WWIII

The Balkan band has worked with the well-known producer and sound engineer Tommy Talamanca at his Nadir Music Studios who has mixed and mastered the album. The new record combines American thrash metal influences with a dark sound and typical Est European sonorities. The result is an album created with the intention of hit hard the ears of the listener without losing melodic passages and “catchy” riffs, and where the recurring use of both English and Albanian languages marks a new way in the European post-thrash genre.

Crossbones have won the “Release Of The Year” award for Albania by Global Metal Apocalypse awards 2017 UK.

Out now in stores & digital


Nadir Music Logo
Nadir Music
Grand Sound Promotion
Grand Sound Promotion
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Against PR

Finnish Death / Thrash Metal KHIRAL Releases “CHAINED” Through INVERSE RECORDS

Band: Khiral
Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Release date: January 12, 2018
Album: Chained
Format: Stream/Download/CD
Label: Inverse Records
Rate: 5/5

Khiral is a Death/Thrash influenced Metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The foundations were built already in 2008, but this stew required some years of slow cooking and a few lineup changes until 2016 when Khiral released their first singles Orphanage and UltravioleNt, followed by several live shows. During that period their style has evolved from hardcore-inspired rock to a unique mixture of death, thrash and even some black metal elements, still leaning hard on catchy rhythms.

Khiral, Finland
Tuomo Vänskä – vocalist in Khiral

Year 2017 was a real step forward, as Khiral made their way to Emergenza band competition’s Finnish final, thus being able to introduce themselves to larger audiences, made their first appearance abroad in Germany, and on top of all, recorded their first album Chained. Chained represents the band’s evolution from almost the first songs to this day. Rock elements of the early days are long gone, but there are still hints of those hardcore-inspired breakdowns and rhythms that were the salt and the pepper right from the beginning. Strict categorization of the music has been hard even to the members themselves, so let’s just call it metal with a twist that you don’t necessarily expect.

New winds are blowing already before the official release of Chained, as new songs are being written and plans for making things bigger are being made…

Khiral Semifinal Finland
Emergenza Finland semifinal at Nosturi April 22, 2017.
Photo: ©Jani Kormu, Kormugraphy

Band Line-Up
Joni Öhman – bass
Matti Hämäläinen – guitars
Tuomo Vänskä – vocals
Jouni Tuovinen – guitars
Markus Lehto – drums

Khiral - Chained
Khiral – Chained Release date on January 12, 2018 through Inverse Records

1. Stain
2. Orphanage
3. Chokehold Of Shame
4. Narcissus in Your Mirror
5. Incinerate
6. UltravioleNt
7. Lichen

Buy CD here or download through streaming sites mentioned below: (CD in stock at Inverse Records Friday January, 12 2018.
Spotify: Khiral -Chained

Downloading sources


Inverse Records Finland

Review: For such a new band on the Metal horizon this album is really a jawdropper as fast i turned it on from first song to last. Favourite song?!? What! I cannot choose i love all of them! Totally Amazing!! For every metal lover that loves to discover new music talents and upcoming bands this is THE band and album for them 2018! This band went into my favourite archive directly and i am sure we will hear more from these guys in the future! Rate: 5/5 – Wictoria Olofsson -War Metal Sweden

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