Legends of ST. ELMOS FIRE are back, Releases EVIL NEVER SLEEPS Trough Pure Steel Records

Genre: Melodic Metal
Country: Sacramento – CA, US
Release Date: March 30, 2018
Album: Evil Never Sleeps
Format: Stream/Download/CD/LP
Label: Pure Steel Records


Two and a half years ago, the complete back catalogue of this California US Metal cult band had been re-released through Karthago Records, which included all re-releases between 1986 and 1992. Now the first album since “Desperate Years” is ready to take over. Powerful, yet melodic Heavy Metal still is the sound, and St. Elmo’s Fire are back after 25 years with their new album “Evil Never Sleeps”. The vocals of new singer Kevin Brady also fit perfectly into the sound that fans of the early days will love.

ST Elmos Fire
St. Elmos Fire during the 80’s

The Legends of ST. ELMOS FIRE are back and are ready to take the hearts of all Metal fans by storm again with their new burning hot 15 track album “Evil Never Sleeps” in CD/Vinyl and Digital formats.


Kevin Brady – vocals
Jeff Jones – guitars
Chris Stringari – bass
Tom Frost – drums

The band St. Elmo’s Fire has already released their newest album “EVIL NEVER SLEEPS” as a digital download in advance as a worldwide release. The CD and vinyl versions will be released in March 2018.

The recording of “EVIL NEVER SLEEPS” started in July 2016 the final mixing was finished in September 2017.

The 15 songs album is their fifth studio record since their release of “Desperate Years” in 1992 and their first today now showcasing a brand new St. Elmo’s Fire lineup. The band’s founder, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Jones, is now joined by new members Kevin Brady (vocals), Tom Frost (drums and backing vocals) and bassist Chris Stringari.

“EVIL NEVER SLEEPS” are written by band founder Jones. The album is a theme based album focusing on looking upon our world today of Evil in it’s various forms, from religious and state based terror, to mass killings and horror that is portrayed in our popular culture today as something normal.


Airplay already started at Thursday, January 25, 2018. You can already now stream and buy the whole album of “Evil Never Sleeps” on all digital downloading and streaming platforms online such as iTunes, Deezer, CdBaby, Amazon and Spotify.


“Hammer” is the first video from “EVIL NEVER SLEEPS” and is based on the graphic novel series created by Jones’ brother Kelley Jones(DC Comics artist of Batman)


1. Will Not Die
2. Rise
3. Betrayer
4. Lord Of Thunder
5. 5. I Begin
6. Evil Never Sleeps – Doomsday
7. Soultaker
8. Across The Nations
9. Asleep In The Never
10. Hammer
11. Unslaved
12. Wasted
13. Evil Never Sleeps – Doomsday (alt Version, Bonustrack)
14. Betrayer (alt Version, Bonustrack)
15. Wasted (alt Version, Bonustrack)
Total Play Time: 71:58 min

Some background
St. Elmo’s Fire was formed in Sacramento/Citrus Heights, California by guitarist Jeff Jones and vocalist Tim Raynor-Allwein in June 1979. Drummer Alan Kreutzer and bassist Steve Raynor joined later that summer.

Due to their high energy performances and songs the band quickly became a favorite in the local club scene especially in college areas such as UC Davis and Berkeley. Within a year they were opening for major acts such as Nightranger, Y&T, Nazareth and other major acts, in the Bay Area club circuit which included the prestigious Keystone Clubs. Their original demos soon became highly sought after and the band would literally sell thousands to their fans. They remain highly collectible even today.

In 1981 the band completed a 4 month tour of Canada where they caught the attention of producer Dito Godwin (No Doubt, Great White, Peter Criss, Wildside) who agreed to produce and manage the band. In 1982 the band released their first single “Too Bad” to rave reviews in the US and Europe. By 1983 the band relocated to Hollywood and soon Zane Lazar replaced Tim as vocalist . Kris Gustofson of Shrapnel recording artist “Trauma” ( which included bassist Cliff Burton who later was recruited by Metallica) joined the band on drums as well as bassist Simon Evans from Switzerland.Performed all over Northern California starting in 1980 in Davis California playing at such clubs as “The Brewery” and the “Antique Bizarre”.

Later played the San Francisco Bay area opening for international acts such as Nightranger, Y&T, Mötley Crüe, Nazareth among others, Became regulars on the famous Keystone Club circuit before relocating to L.A in 1984. The band played already at the big places as Whisky-a Go -Go, the Roxy, The Troubadour and Gazzarri’s in Hollywood before they signed their first record deal in 1986.

St. Elmos Fire soon became a hit on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood performing regularly at the Whisky-A-Go-Go,The Roxy, The Troubadour, and Gazzarri’s. Even though they played a darker and harder sound than most “Strip” bands at the time , the LA fans loved them and they headlined with such bands as Warrant, Poison,and Hurricane amongst others.

In 1992 after their “Lovers and Madmen” tour St. Elmos Fire disbanded.
Jeff, in 1993, joined the California-based band “Vamp Le Stat”, where he recorded and wrote the “Bloodline“ CD before leaving in 1995.

“Desperate Years”, (CD/ CA) (1992)
“Powerdrive”, (LP /CD /CA) (1990)
“Warning From The Sky”, (LP /CD) (1988)
“St. Elmo’s Fire”, (LP) (1986)
4 song demo,  (demo) (1984)
“Really in Love” /”Too Bad “, (single) (1982)


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