“War Metal Sweden is based on the knowledge of Metal music’s power, created by combinations of different styles, composed by melodies and voices that gives their emotions, til they become a part of our lives”


War Metal Sweden are based in northern Sweden in Luleå and was founded 2008 by the General Manager Wictoria Olofsson as an Affiliate to War Metal Chile and War Metal Chile Zine.

In that time we sat globally several of people all over the world working from an online webzine Online website. During this time we gained a lots of contacts with bands and others from the music industry. With other words War Metal Zine was once an global and international Webzine and management and promotor and event creator with the headquarter situated in Santiago, Chile and with affiliated co-workers all around the whole globe. Today it is runned by one person internationally, Wictoria Olofsson that is the General Manager for War Metal Sweden.

War Metal Zine Sweden is an international global webzine.
You might find bands here you NEVER heard of.
Many of the bands we publish here are newcomers and sent to us directly from the musicindustry such as recordlabels and from other webzines and promoters we are cooperating with so here you can find new bands you never heard of and might get intrested of. We work with professional bands but sometimes we also find a gem in the basement in the underground scene that we think has been hided there to long.

Dont you as an Audiance and Metalhead thinks this too as we at War Metal Sweden belive many do: It is NOT the music industry that shall decide what the audiance wants to hear, it is the AUDIANCE!!

War Metal Sweden Interviews and Reviews, managing, promotes and supports bands globally and trying to make them be known in Scandinavia and Europe as well as globally.
We are also promoting as an Online WebZine through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and other social media.

War Metal Sweden are built on two parts, one is  War Metal Sweden Zine Online and the other part is War Metal Sweden which is managment, promotion, press, web design, graphic art and band photography .

War Metal Sweden seeks constantly new talents Worldvide to make them to be heard and known for the public, recordlabels, press and media.
War Metal Sweden Reviews, managing and promotes bands globally and trying to make them to be known both in Scandinavia,  Europe as well as internationally through marketing and PR.

War Metal Sweden Support and are supporters of all bands within the metal scene, especially talented professional unsigned musicians  from the underground scene. We also supports and help larger more known international signed bands.

Are you a band that wants to get more attention then you think you have and has deserved so far?
War Metal Sweden can help you to both be seen and heard on radio stations in U.S. UK and Worldwide as well as Online Streaming TV and MetalZines trough our cooperation partners and their affiliated partners trough our support. Let us know by send us an email request submission for collabroation help.
Do you as a band want our promotional help trough War Metal Sweden Zine’s online Zine and on other online sites we run and you want to know how and what you must do to get this help? First thing you must do is to send us a email. (Please look under contact for more information)
We use your material for promotion after your request and some talk.
What do we need from your band for maybe make things happen and the ball rolling? -We need first of all from you a complete EPK sent to us from you.

We after recived this we might also request you and your band for an interview with you and your band for promotional purposes and latest news. This can be achieved trough email, chat or trough Skype all depending on time and what suites you and where you are in the world and what works best.
We can also just do a review of your new album and everything else on the list to make you be seen and after your wishes and some talk. All shall be sent to our official email inbox.

We can also provide you with contacts as bookings, radiostations, TV stations, Metal zines, Production managers and sing labels, photographers, bandvideo production, etcetera, the list goes on if you need that sort of help as a band.
We have also other revievers co-opeerating with us too from other metalzines. We also do Webdesigns for band online pages and websites and band photos after request.

How long does it take before you get back to me?
-All depends on the workload we have.
We do listen and look at all material we recive from you so it can take a while.

If i do not hear anything from you. Shall i send you an reminder?
-No, Please do not send us more then one email. If we are interested to feauture you after we have looked at your material, we WILL get back to you. Thank you


Bragging rights of War Metal Sweden

  • Former Promoter and Manager for the Progressive Metal act LODGE. Boden, Sweden. 2009-2011
  • Former Promoter and Manager for The Heavy Metal act Torture Box.Washington, US, 2012-2013
  • Former Promoter and Manager for the NWOBHM Speed Metal act JAGUAR. Bristol, UK early 2014- until late 2015
  • WOA – Wacken Metal Battle Sweden recruited The general Manager and owner of War Metal Sweden, Wictoria Olofsson as the jury chairman for the semi final competition for Luleå, Sweden in February 17, 2018. She will also sit as one of the Swedish jury chairman in the Swedish final competition for sending one band to Wacken in Germany that will go off in Malmö, Sweden in april 2018. https://tinyurl.com/ybfhyg65

Below: Some Memoria from WOA Metal Battle Sweden and Germany 2018

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War Metal Sweden MetalZine, Promoter, Review and Manager since 2008 was Manager and Promotor for the Progressive Metal Act LODGE From Boden, Sweden during 2009-2011, A Swedish Progressive Metal Act from north part of Sweden.2011 LODGE disbanded due to private reason after that War Metal Sweden is looking for new talents to help them to be heard and seen for their worth of their art.

2014 may – october 2015 War Metal Sweden was Promotor and Manager for the NWOBHM Bristol Band, UK Jaguar after 10 years of silence when they released their new album “Metal X” trough Golden Core Records in Germany to help them build up their fanbase at FB that was nothing of so online so their homepage and twitter and reverbnation and other promotions online they needed help with to get their fanbase back and going + finding them an new vocalist as they just before the release had parted with the old one because of private reasons, so I (Wictoria) helped them growing and promoting + arranged auditioning shoutout and eventually i helped them to auditioning vocalists here in Sweden for a new swedish vocalist as we could not find anyone in UK trough countless auditionings without results. Eventually It ended up we found one trough my contacts and I took their band down to Gävle Sweden for auditioning one and it turned out he was right fitted and directly the day after i took new band line up pictures of the new band and created their promotion and press releases for new band line up to send to press and get the band going and also created a soundclip teaser for the band so the fans could hear the new vocalist. So When i left the band on october 20, 2015 their fan pages was selfgenerating of fans visiting and added their pages by my hard work with almost 4000 fans. When i started they had only 300 FB likes and and an non existing internet page and nothing else online. My hard work had payed off and was done and the bands founder after showed him how to promote online in modern days i let them take over their own things. My achivement was done, the bands fanbase was now selfgenerating + a new band lineup and the fans knew they was back. I think they will manage themself now, Hopefully.

Below,their latest album release from their YouTube page i built up where also their promotional video are that i made for them.


Are you interested to be working as an reviewer and/or press/collabroation-Affiliation for War Metal Sweden?
Maybe you have an good camera and are great to take band pictures and likes to visit gigs and wants your work to be published in a MetalZine online to be seen that can give you a job in a a physical magazine? Or you have an DJ and have an radiostation/radio podcast/Online Metal Music Streaming TV or you are an managment or an promoter or PR agent that features Metal bands and are intrested to work with us?
Then you can send us an email on the emailadress under the contact page for an request of collabroation.

If you are on Facebook, Twitter and on MySpace add War Metal Sweden on those pages too. We need also all support we can get to help all the bands so please add us. See you there. Thank you.

Best Regards
Wictoria Olofsson
General Manager and owner of War Metal Sweden
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wictoria.olofsson

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– Rock City TV Columbia Presenting War Metal Sweden and Wictoria Olofsson of War Metal Sweden In Columbia Trough Acuario Televisión, FEBRUARY 2014

Rock City TV in Columbia was in February 15, 2014 Presenting War Metal Sweden and Wictoria Olofsson the General manager and Promoter of War Metal Sweden and War Metal Sweden Zine. In his TV program in Columbia he presented War Metal Sweden and what War Metal Sweden Is doing and what our mission is. He also showed in the TV program some of the bands War Metal Sweden has been dealing with the past years and supporting and/or promoting that is from the underground Metal Scene.

He also talked about how War Metal Sweden are operating Globally on an international scale and also how we are also supporting our own Swedish Metal Scene but most of all especially the Underground scene internationally and that we have many great unseen bands with very skilled technical musicians in our pocket that is still unsigned, especially in Australia but also globally that otherwise never would be ever even noticed or seen in Europe without Wictoria’s  and War Metal Sweden’s support and her hard work trough War Metal Sweden to make these bands to get some attention from the Western side of the globe.

The videos below are in Spanish from that TV Show and for those that don’t understand Spanish they are still very interesting to watch and you might understand something Carlos talks about in the TV program. So Enjoy. Rock City TV celebrated 14 years in the Screen 2014 so Congrats to them and Cheers to you at Rock City TV in Colombia! Thank you for supporting us.

WAR METAL SWEDEN – SUPPORTER, PROMOTER, MANAGEMENT AND WEBZINE "War Metal Sweden is based on the knowledge of Metal music's power, created by combinations of different styles, composed by melodies and voices that gives their emotions, til they become a part of our lives"

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