Band: Escaping Amenti
Genre: A Theatrical/Apocalyptic Metalcore
Country: Malmö, Sweden
Release Date:  December 22, 2017
Album: Awakening
Format: Stream/Download/CD
Label: Big Balls Productions

This is the debut album from Escaping Amenti, known as the “Swedish Slipknot”. Escaping Amenti are one of the most interesting bands in Sweden right now, and the band masters the art of both sounding amazing on an album and being a high-performance live act as well. Sounds Like: Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon


Strife – Vocals
Umbra – Vocals
A̸҉͢n̛͞im͏͜u͝s̡͜͡ – Bass, Keys
Ranzal – Guitar
Shemseth – Guitar
Anaktïsi – Guitar
Mangler – Drums

Founded by Mangler and Strife. They wanted something more than their bands could offer and they were willing to take the next step and progress as musicians. After they found Animus to play the bass for them, things started to take off. The remaining members were soon rounded up due to their common interests in making awesome music. The band has found their sound and will see you at their shows.


November 3rd,2017 they released their debut album “Awakening” digital and on December 22, 2017 they have now released “Awakening” as a physical album.

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01. Awakening
02. The Gathering
03. Our World
04. Nuclear
05. Riptide
06. This Will Never End
07. Voice of Mankind
08. First Blood
09. Diary, Pt. 1 (Seth vs Horus)
10. Memories
11. The Depths of Amenti
12. Echoes of the Void
13. The Secrets of the Past

Awakening – Prologue
The year was 2370 C.E. A great war was coming to an end, and with its twilight it brought the dawn of a new era. Since it had caused the war, religion in any form was declared a danger to all of mankind. Thus, it was outlawed, all writings were destroyed and lost forever. This was the fall of religion, the birth of a new era. All who remained agreed on starting anew from their new year One. This event has since then become known to the following generations of mankind as The Outlawing.

Some 700 years after the Outlawing, mankind flourished. Working together as one, the technological advancements growing beyond control. While some stayed on in this new era, others chose to travel and colonize other systems and planets. However, the ones that stayed advanced so far in technology that they thought that it would be within mankind’s power to create another moon. This to better control the climate for Earths overwhelming pollution due to the fallout. The attempt failed. Instead the Moon was destroyed in the process and plunged Earth into disarray for hundreds of years, the surface becoming a total wasteland.

Many went below the surface into the Earth and under the seas, creating civilization anew. Mastering the art of Genetic Engineering, they called themselves The Hybrid-born. Genetically tailored to be a society of nonviolent people almost void of emotion and with an incredible longevity. Whilst some flourished in this new society, some chose to travel and migrate to other planets as well as other solar systems.

However, some stayed on the surface as outcasts and called themselves The Free-born. The surface world was much different. It was a place of violence, emotion and passion. The Free-born had created their own society and cities on the surface. Some, being the most resistant to the fallouts’ toxins and pollution, continued their strides in the fields of Astrophysics and Space Travel; having little to no contact with the Hybrid-born. Once again, humanity was divided.

After centuries of isolation and separation, a discovery was made by the Hybrid-born deep within our planet. They found a barrier of amber-like energy like none other they had never seen. When they broke the barrier they awakened something, an entity, a life form that had laid dormant for eons. It would change the lives of every human being on Earth and bring our two cultures together once again. It would bring upon us an invader we never thought imaginable.

The Amenti where a race from far beyond our galaxy. They proclaimed that they had once been ‘’gods’’ among the humans; and had been worshiped by a long-lost people, the ancient Egyptians. Since Terra had shown signs of extreme resilience over the eons, they decided that she was ready for their true conquest. However, they found a weak civilization, not of nature, but of technology and faithlessness. In addition, she had now become a wasteland, and the moon they held so dear was shattered and broken. In their rage, the gods slew millions of us in the blink of an eye. They swore that all of ‘’humanity’’ would be enslaved for all eternity in an alternate universe they called Amenti. Yet, in their arrogance, these gods thought they could so easily enslave and control all they conquered, but they were wrong. Very wrong. The War between Man and God began, and rages on still to this day with no end in sight. We are leading our resistance, and now we are Escaping Amenti…