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Review EXIT – “INTO DARKNESS” (Art Gates Records) by War Metal Sweden

Band: EXIT
Album: Into Darkness
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Sursee, Switzerland
Label: Art Gates records
Format: CD/Digital

“Into Darkness”created by the well renowned legendary European band Exit is a purley raw Thrasher album for all Thrasher lovers just like me out there. I did not find this band being a death metal sound mix, but more to the pure Thrash metal sound with their ripping riffs, vocals and drumming.
This band has been around on the European metal scene for quite some time now, the latest 21 years.
In this album “Into Darkness ” this band delivers a strong album where their skills as technical musicians are shining through in high scale totally. You really hear they are very experienced skilled musicians with a long experience in their pockets. Their technical skills are just outstanding, especially with their excellent guitar riffs and drumming that are highten up with great written lyrics and vocal. Their sound is raw, it is Thrashy and most of all; It is oozing metal of it! A package with great riffs, lyrics and tunes. If you are a guitar nut like me you will love this and bang your head off, as this band is very much for getting their grinding guitars to be heard! Two song especially catched my attention was “Before the End” It has to be heard. It is an excellent technical  song with great tunes and vocals i just loved this song, EXCELLENT!, same with “I Scream”.
They have with this album delivered a strong album that most metalheads would just love.
An excellent work I sure would recommend to every dedicated metal fan out there to buy to their metal collection.

For fans of: Slayer, Krisun and similar bands

Best Song/Songs: Desolation, I Scream, You want To have it all, Before the End, Nothing Between Us.

Rating: 7/10

-War Metal Sweden

“I Scream” is one of the tracks extracted from the new album “Into Darkness” by EXIT

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