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Swedish Symphonic Metal act GONE BY SUNDOWN has released a New Single – The Endless Path

Swedish symphonic heavy metal act Gone By Sundown have released their brand new single, The Endless Path with the song “Will You Remember”.

The Swedish Symphonic Metal Act “Gone By Sundown” was formed in 2013 by Tonie Rombin and Tomas Pedersen. The basic idea was to mix styles and inspiration from many different bands among Mustach, Motörhead and modern metal. The band formed quickly and recorded the debut single “A Wise Mans Linger” and soon after they began shooting for the new debut video. Short after a lot of problems occurred in some of the band members private life and the band had to be put on ice.

In 2017, the band was revived by Tonie Rombin, starting hunting for new band members. Tonie contacted then Tobias Skoog whom he worked with in other projects. Soon enough Fredrik Lunneberg also joined the band on guitar. Now the start for search for a front person and Frida Gradin was found.
The band was taking form and was ready to create; but was still in need of a drummer. One day Oliver Dahlbäck contacted Tonie and wondered if he could fill the gap. Tonie said yes.

The first new single with “Will You Remember” began to take shape followed by a whole bunch of new songs, some of the material from old songs was rewritten to suit the new lineup too.

During September and October 2017, the band started to record the single and a new video was shot at the same time.
In early October Tobias had to leave the band due to personal reasons. Tonie contacted then the original guitarist Tomas Pedersen, and asked if he wanted to join the band with the new setting.
The band is now complete with a five piece line up again and are now continuing working with their coming debut release.
By the end of December 2017 the first single Endless Path with ”Will You Remember” was ready. The Orchestration is by Mortuz Denatuz of Mist of Misery. The single is mixed by talented Brazilian underground producer Marcos Cerutti and mastered by Swedish legendary producer Ronnie Björnström EAP that is known for his work with metal acts such as Meshuggah, Nagelfar, and many more.

The band is currently working on the recording of their debut EP, album release is in  January 25, 2018.

Listen and buy the single here: bandcamp.com/album/the-endless-path

Gone By Sundown - The Endless Path
Artwork by Alcides Burn (www.burnartworks.com)

Vocals – Frida Gradin
Bas – Tonie Rombin
Guitar – Fredrik Lunneberg
Guitar – Tomas Pedersen
Drums – Oliver Dahlbäck

Guest musicians
Guitar – Eric Nefus
Bass – Erick Nieto


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