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From the icy north Quake The Earth strikes metallic hardcore with its diamond-edged grip in music. At the helm of this sledgehammer a combined union of young energy and solid experience bears a hellish fruit. The tectonic plates rumble as the force of nature from Oulu, Finland has been released.

Sometimes the alliance of two elements is more than sum of its parts. After the Nordic near-death metal wonder Perfect Chaos, Finland has not had a new iron fist in years. That was until the band Forensic Hardcore met its death at the end of 2010 when the vocalist quit the game. The group then came up with a burning idea to ask Aki Häkkinen to be their vocalist, him being the vocal force of Perfect Chaos and Grinister whom have had success outside of Finland. The other members of Quake the Earth also perform in storming bands. Continue reading QUAKE THE EARTH – “DECLARATION OF WAR”