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Review of DYING EMPIRE Debut full-lenght album “DYSTOPIA” by War Metal Sweden

Death/Thrasher’s  Dying Empire from Dresden, Germany  releases the new album “Dystopia” that will be released in Spain November 18, 2016 and in Europe and Worldwide November 25, 2016.

This 4-pieced line up was born in Dresden, Germany in 2014 in times of ubiquitous intercommunication and surveillance, Dying Empire address the influences of modern technology on mankind, executing a mixture of Death and Thrash Metal which is both melodic and brutal, composed by extensive melodic parts, furious blast beats, modern influences and – beware – some clean vocals.

With their debut album, fittingly entitled “Dystopia”, the band invites to a journey without return to a world where people wear themselves out because of wrong ideals and their affection for self-display.

The album has been recorded at Virtuose Vibes Studios and PIL Studios, self-produced and mixed & mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio.

SPAIN: November 18, 2016

dying-empire-dystopia“Dystopia” track list
01 – …from Genesis
02 – Origin
03 – Tarnished Sight
04 – Confines
05 – Reign in Silence
06 – Walk of the Dead
07 – …through Existence…
08 – Oblivion
09 – Inner Eclipse
10 – Worthless
11 – Burn the Empire Humanity
11 – …into Dystopia

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