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Fans Of SHADOWKEEP Long Awaited Album Will Now Be Released With The Distinct Heavy Metal Vocals of James Rivera

Band:  ShadowKeep
Genre: Progressive Power Metal/Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: Friday, March 30th 2018
Album: Shadowkeep
Format: Stream/Download/CD
Label: Pure Steel Records

ShadowKeep are a progressive power metal band with three albums to their credit and an 13-year history, including supports for Ronnie James Dio, Halford and Symphony X. They are veterans of festivals across Europe and America – including Bloodstock in the UK. For over 10 years the SHADOWKEEP’s fans has awaited for a new album to be released. Now in 2018 the band is now striking back with a new vocalist and a new album is on its way.


Band Members
James Rivera – vocals
Chris Allen – guitars
Stony Grantham – bass
Omar Hayes – drums
Nikki Robson – guitars

The new vocalist is nobody else than Mr James Rivera himself, known from HELSTAR that now has joined the quintet from England. So it is to no wonder that the image of SHADOWKEEP now will change a little bit with this new awesome vocalist.

In the past SHADOWKEEP were compared with the more progressive QUEENSRYCHE or CRIMSON GLORY. The Comeback album will go more into the direction of classic 80’s US-Metal, because James Rivera and his remarkable distinct voice is putting his own stamp on the eleven fresh songs, so that the listener is reminded of the beautiful days of HELSTAR, DESTINY’S END or NEW EDEN.

The album can be orderd from Pure Steel Records shop, Release Date on March 30, 2018.

Cover artwork by: Timo Wuerz –

1. Atlantis
2. Guardian Of The Sea
3. Flight Across The Sand
4. Horse Of War
5. Little Lion
6. Angels And Omens
7. Isolation
8. Never Forgotten
9. The Sword Of Damocles
10. Immortal Drifter
11. Minotaur
Total Playing Time: 55:00 min

About ShadowKeep
ShadowKeep was formed in 1999 by guitarists Chris Allen and Nikki Robson, and Belgian vocalist Rogue M.
Only 6 months into the venture, and following the recording of a six-track EP at Thin Ice Studios, produced by Threshold guitarist Karl Groom, their opus “Dark Tower” became a phenomenon online, which led to mainstream press coverage in the US and elsewhere. As a result of their online exposure the track was also included as the opener on a German mag’s CD for unsigned bands – thus gaining them a record deal with Limb Music Productions in June 2000.

Two albums, “Corruption Within” and “A Chaos Theory”, followed to huge acclaim. The band soon gained support slots with Ronnie James Dio, Halford, Symphony X, Dream Evil and Flotsam & Jetsam. These major shows led to appearances at festivals in the UK, America, Germany and Holland – including the very first Bloodstock in the UK.

Sadly, in the course of Summer 2002, vocalist Rogue M. departed to concentrate on personal matters. Undeterred, ShadowKeep however started work on their third album, “The Hourglass Effect” – again with Karl Groom on production duties, adding ex Tygers Of Pan Tang / AngelWitch Richie Wicks on vocals, AngelWitch drummer Scott Higham on drums, and Texan Stony Grantham on bass.

These sessions produced some of Chris and Nikki’s most creative songwriting and things were looking up, with a new recording deal from Dutch label Melissa Records in place and Hourglass’ slated for a November 2008 release. The album was praised for its concise songs, soaring vocals and grand production. A reviewer from The Sun dubbed ShadowKeep “the new New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.”

But fate had one more card to play. Wicks left in 2009, soon after departure of Scott Higham to join UK prog band Pendragon. Thankfully drummer extra-ordinaire Omar Hayes, a long time friend of the band, quickly stepped in to keep the band on the road, but finding the right singer proved more difficult.

Now 10 years after the release of “The Hour Glass Effect” the Keep is back at last with a new vocalist and by that a new sound and they are now poised to take on the world with Storm!!!

Livedates 2018
SHADOWKEEP has announced their first live dates for 2018. The tour will be through Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

3rd March 2018 – Full Metal Hessen Festival, Germany
4th March 2018 – Colosseum, Gent, Belgium
5th March 2018 – Titans Club, Lens, Belgium
8th March 2018 – MTS LP’s und CD’s, Oldenburg, Germany
9th March 2018 – Black Pearl, Lünen, Germany
10th March 2018 – Cult Art Shop, Njverdal, The Netherlands

Shadowkeep, Full-length (2018)
The Hourglass Effect, Full-length (2008)
A Chaos Theory, Full-length (2002)
Corruption Within, Full-length (2000)
ShadowKeep, EP (1999)


Pure Steel Records Germany
Pure Steel Records

Already from i pushed play I went WOOOOW as fast i heard James Rivera’s Vocals! GRRRR James Rivera’s high pitched Heavy Metal screaming vocals is Pure Orgasmatron! Those vocals does not piss in the bucket at all! This album flies off and me with it! This is a Pure & True Heavy Metal mastrubating orgy from the beginning to the end and you wont get enough. Warning for raping the replay button until it goes broke! This is Better then Sex!
Rate: 5/5 With The Magnitude of Metal excellence!
Wictoria Olofsson – War Metal Sweden