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American Extreme Metallers Oracle will releases their secound album in 2017

A new band on the Extreme Metal horizon is the band Oracle.
The band are now about to release in mid 2017 their next full length album. This is a band that certainly will spellbound most dedicated heavy metal fans.


Oracle is a limitless amalgamation of ideas and styles focused on creating grandiose music that can move a crowd and enthrall the listener. It is certainly a conjuration of all things heavy.
Oracle meld brutality with melodic and atmospheric tunes, embellishing the groove with death and black metal throughout.

The album “Beyond Omega”displays defined and audible vocals that crush and maim while the rhythm of the guitars build the songs to apex, explode, and crescendo.
The lyrical concepts are chapters of perspective and metaphor based upon a life’s beginning, tribulation and sufferings, and the end, which is painted as freedom or a final release.
Complete with guitar harmonies and guitar solos both expressive and impressing, the grind and blasts of the drums and bass drive the madness to extremity.
A search for sincerity in an insincere world, Oracle severes the veins of the untrue. There will be blood.

The band was formed in May of 2016. Their first Oracle release was their debute aptly titled “Beyond Omega” on July 28th 2016.
Their first release “Beyond Omega” was Produced and Mixed by Jason Long.

For more information about the next coming release from this band in 2017 please visit the bands pages online for latest updates.


Artist: Oracle
Release Title:
Beyond Omega
Release Date: July 28th, 2016
Record label: Camp Yeti
Genre: Extreme Metal

Band Line up
Jason Long – Guitar and Vocals
Trey Ozinga – Lead Guitar
Ray Ozinga – Bass
Bg Watson – Drums