NWOBHM Legends CLOVEN HOOF Will Release Unreleased Music after 30 Years in the Archives..

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On February 6, 2018 the now re-activated Legendary NWOBHM band Cloven Hoof will re-releases a two-part series cd compilation album named 
“Definition Part One”
and “Definition Part Two” in different covers.
The album is unreleased Cloven Hoof material that been lying around in the archives for 30 years and collected dust but now are dusted off and two albums of this material was presented latest in 2017 re-release from the material through Metal Nation Records. Today they have re-recorded both albums with their new vocalist. Only previously available from band gigs ten years ago the cd has now been repackaged and given a professional release with distribution for the very first time .


The albums will be released by Metal Nation Records , A label that is owned by the today well renowned NWOBHM label Neat Records ex owner, Jess Cox. This label existed in back in the time when the Genre Heavy Metal was created through the NWOBHM movement in UK that raised into power and the Neat label was created to release all the NWOBHM legends music on.  The today label Metal Nation was later on also created by the well-known vocalist Jess Cox in 2004 for the revival and re-release and new release of British 80s rock acts, primarily coming from the legendary metal act legends of the NWOBHM scene.
Jess is also known as Tygers Of Pan Tang’s original vocalist and founder of the band together with Tygers own today still original guitarist Robb Weir.

The Cloven Hoof two-part albums “Definition Part One” and “Definition Part Two” that now will be released again in 2018 will be distributed by Plastic Head Records Distribution and Rock Inc in Netherlands. The album is about Cloven Hoof unreleased stuff story that now at last has come out after 30 years laying hidden in the archives that no one heard before.


First In the album series named “The Definitive Part One“:

Active throughout the 1980’s the band folded in 1989 but reemerged in the mid ‘ Noughties. Aware none of their four albums were available bassist and founder , Lee Payne together with long time CH vocalist Russ North recruited drummer Joe Brown and guitarist Ben Read , re-entering the studio to record a new unreleased track together with unavailable classics from their back catalogue.
Only previously available from band gigs ten years ago the cd has been repackaged and given a professional release with distribution for the first time .The booklet has been extensively overhauled with new sleeve notes by the band and personal photos added plus full lyrics .

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1. Inquisitor
2. Nova Battlestar
3. The Gates Of Gehenna
4. Astral Rider
5. Kiss Of Evil
6. Mutilator
7. Reach For The Sky
8. The Road Of Eagles
9. Return Of The Passover
10. Laying Down The Law
11. Mistress Of The Forest


second album In the series named  “The Definitive Part Two”:

The second part of this series consists of rare and unreleased tracks recorded by CH in recent years and highlights four great vocalists associated with them during that time . The first five tracks are the 2010 band self financed ep, ‘ The Throne Of Damnation ‘ – a short run private pressing featuring vocalist Matt Moreton [who had appeared on two previous Hoof albums] . This ep was never made available commercially again ,only sold via the band .
The other six tracks are unreleased gems featuring one song each from the vocal talents of Ash Cooper and recent frontman Joe Whelan who now tours as a featured vocalist in Jeff Wayne’s Arena musical of ‘War Of The Worlds’.
The final four song featuring the talented vocalist Lee Small ( Lionheart and Ex Shy,Phenomena and Skyscraper frontman.) A full explanation of this period is included in the cd booklet by Lee Payne.

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1. Running Man
2. Prime Time
3. Night Stalker
4. Freakshow
5. Whore Of Babylon
6. I’m Your Nemesis
7. Do What Thou Wilt
8. Age Of Steel
9. Look To The Sky
10. Curse Of The Gypsy
11. Contagion

cloven hoof

George Call / Lead Vocals
Lee Payne / Bass guitar
Luke Hatton / Guitar
Danny White / Drums
Chris Coss / Guitar



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