Juggernaut Releases “Out Of The Ashes” Through Art Gates Records in December.

TITLE: Out Of The Ashes
Band: Juggernaut
LABEL: Art Gates Records

RELEASE:  December 01, 2017

Juggernaut - Out Of The Ashes

After touring extensively through Europe along with his guitar, and leading his former band for more than 15 years, Daniel Millán (ex-Gauntlet) comes back to create an unique, huge and monstrous creature.
With musical pieces ranging from rock to extreme metal, without losing sight of the melody and compositional quality, Juggernaut matches his name at all times, and shows some musicians who go for it all.
The variety and the extreme of the vocal lines created could only be brought to reality by the incredible vocal skills of Javi Perera, in a project that, at last, does justice to his voice.
All the compositional wrath is supported by the wonderful art of Jani Pihlman (ex-Father Golem, ex-The Hole ”El Musical”) playing the guitar, one of the best musicians of the Spanish scene.
The drummer Jouni Pihlman (ex-Father Golem) and the bass player Sergio G. Mislata (ex-Litio, ex-Eliah Domus), knock the duo that can start the engine of the band, providing the needed dose of quality and groove to the songs.
The result is ”Out Of The Ashes”, a true statement of principles that won’t leave anyone indifferent.
The union of experience and quality. From the ashes: Juggernaut, an unstoppable force.
”Out Of The Ashes” is composed of nine powerful songs, including an unforeseen version of the classic of Judas Priest, ”Jawbreaker”.

Produced by Jani Pihlman and Javi Perera and recorded at The Metal Factory Studios of Madrid (Hamlet, Vita Imana…), this record has been mixed at TheRedHouse Studios in UK, and the subsequent mastering was the work of the famous Spanish metal producer, Alex Cappa.

The album is out in both digipack and digital edition worldwide through Art Gates Records on December 01, 2017. Click on Art Gates Records logo link below to follow to their store.

Juggernaut - Out Of the Ashes Cover

Daniel Millán // Vocals & Guitars
Jani Pihlman // Guitars
Sergio G. Mislata // Bass
Jouni Pilhman // Drums
“Out Of The Ashes” (Art Gates Records)