The Finnish Industrial Metallers Kaos Krew  is standing ready for another full-length release in 2017, starting out with releasing the single “End my Pride” now in 2016 on the digital platforms Spotify and iTunes.
The single is a first pre-release to the forthcoming full-length album named “Returno”.

Band: Kaos Krew
Genre: Industrial Metal
Home Town: Pietarsaari, Finland
Release:  “End my Pride” (Single)
Releasing Label: Inverse Records
Release Date: October 13, 2016

Format: Digital platforms

This six-piece band Kaos Krew from Finland took its first breaths in 2004 as an one man’s project when the band was founded by the Guitarist and band member Ulf Skog in Jacobstad, Finland. Later on in 2005 Göran Fellman (ex. Stormwing), and now ex.band member of Kaos Krew Tomas Öst was added to the line-up (ex. Wild Force).

The band’s music style is known as Industrial Rock/Metal even though the band has ended up under many different metal genre labelling during their active years from different reviewers around the globe. However, their music is hard and the band plays what is called “Crossover Metal” which is based on heavy riffing with the addition of synthesizers and loops from the Industrial scene.

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Kaos Krew made their very first advanced studio demo recordings in 2004 for their promo “Under Destruction” which was recorded at Dynamix Studios, released in May 2005. The feedback from this release was very positive worldwide and gave them a record deal with the label Top Records in Finland.
The recording to their first full-length album “Devour” was started in 2005, the album was released in September 18, 2006. Also that album was recorded at Dynamix Studios, mastered by sound engineer Peter In de Betou at Tailor Maid Music Productions in Sunderbyberg, Sweden.

Image Features Left to Right: Massi, Göran, Uffe,  Jonas, Zacki, Sven. Kaos Krew 2016

Todays Line-Up
Göran Fellman joined the band in 2005, He comes previous from the band Stormwing.
In early 2010 the drummer Zacharias Ahlvik joined the band as a member.
Kaos Krew’s vocalist Massi Wickman joined the band in 2012.
Keyboardist Sven Wannäs was added to the line-up in 2013. The line-up was completed later on in 2014 when the bassist Jonas Kuhlberg was added.
Today the band is a six-piece band. During the bands active years the band has been keeping themselves busy releasing  3 albums on different labels, one live DVD and two music videos. “Planet Madness” video from the “Corruption Rules This World” album title track in 2013, “Live at Schauman Hall September 2014” video in 2015, and now 2016 the video to their new single “End My Pride”.

Now the band is ready for another release and starting out with releasing the single “End my Pride” that will follow-up with another single later on due to the band, both released in digital formats. The singles are pre-releases to the upcoming fourth full-length album “Returno” planned to be released due of winter 2017. This will be the very first album with this current line-up. More details on the second single and forthcoming full-length album “Returno” are expected soon.

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The Album Cover Artwork is made by: Fxtreme

2005 – “Under Destruction” (Demo)
2006 – “Devour”
2010 – “Global Fobia”
2013 – “Corruption Rules This World”
2016 – “End my Pride” (Single)
2017 – “Returno” (Planned release winter 2017)

Zacharias Ahlvik – Drums
Göran Fellman – Lead guitars
Jonas Kuhlberg – Bass
Ulf Skog – Guitar
Sven Wannäs – Keyboards
Massi Wickman – Lead vocals