The Iberian Blackened Death Metal band from Valencia (Spain).
Noctem is a Blackened Death Metal band with a long trajectory of 15 years in their baggage.

With 2 demos, 1 live LP and 4 albums released through Prosthetic Records, Art Gates Records, NHR and Metal Blade Records they do know their place on the metal podium. After 15 years of music career, Noctem is one of the most active bands from Spain today, well-known by fans worldwide. They have gotten their recognition they so deserve from both public and press for their outstanding production and great art.

Noctem 2016.jpg

The band has through the years of their music career been playing at many festivals around the world and has had more than 15 tours around Europe and in Asia during their career. The band has supported a lots of bands, bands like Marduk, Enthroned, Impiety, Napalm Death, Samael, Gorgoroth, Nargaroth, Keep of Kalessin, Taake, Immolation, Vomitory, Malevolent Creation, Incantation, Hate, Ragnarok, Melechesh and many more…

On this previous albums, Noctem had some special guests like Christos Antoniou Septic Flesh) and Leal (Forever Slave). The brand of this band is Extreme music, aggressive shows, blood and fire is the mark of this band all to shock and make people meet their fearful dark sides humanity carries within them, all expressed through art.

Their videos are known to have an outstanding quality and production and follow their Hallmark well with their artistic music and shows.


“On Haeresis Noctem find one formula that works for them and largely stick to that one for most of the album, wringing all the life out of it they can, performing multiple permutations on the hellfire blast-assault, making Haeresis a near forty-five-minute abrasive assault.”

Noctem – “Divinity” from 2010

Here from their latest album now 2016 “Haeresis” – “The Submission Discipline”

Now 2016 the band has released their new album “Heresis” on September 30, 2016 Worldwide 

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“Haeresis” track list
1.Through The Black Temples of Disaster
3.The Submission
4.Blind Devotion
5.The Dark One
7.Whispers of the Ancient Gods
8.Conjuring Degradation and Morbidity
9.The Paths of the Lustful Abandon


2002 – DEMO “Unholy blood” (Self release)
2004 – DEMO “Live 2004” (Self release)
2007 – MCD “God among Slaves” (Self release)
2009 – Album “Divinity” (NHR)
2011 – Album “Oblivion” (Metal Blade Records)
2014 – Album “Exilium” (Prosthetic Records)
2016 – Album “Haeresis” (Prosthetic Records)


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