Review of DYING EMPIRE Debut full-lenght album “DYSTOPIA” by War Metal Sweden

Death/Thrasher’s  Dying Empire from Dresden, Germany  releases the new album “Dystopia” that will be released in Spain November 18, 2016 and in Europe and Worldwide November 25, 2016.

This 4-pieced line up was born in Dresden, Germany in 2014 in times of ubiquitous intercommunication and surveillance, Dying Empire address the influences of modern technology on mankind, executing a mixture of Death and Thrash Metal which is both melodic and brutal, composed by extensive melodic parts, furious blast beats, modern influences and – beware – some clean vocals.

With their debut album, fittingly entitled “Dystopia”, the band invites to a journey without return to a world where people wear themselves out because of wrong ideals and their affection for self-display.

The album has been recorded at Virtuose Vibes Studios and PIL Studios, self-produced and mixed & mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio.

SPAIN: November 18, 2016

dying-empire-dystopia“Dystopia” track list
01 – …from Genesis
02 – Origin
03 – Tarnished Sight
04 – Confines
05 – Reign in Silence
06 – Walk of the Dead
07 – …through Existence…
08 – Oblivion
09 – Inner Eclipse
10 – Worthless
11 – Burn the Empire Humanity
11 – …into Dystopia

War Metal Sweden’s Review

“Dystopia” is a Totally Insane album! From first song hearing it they gotten my attention directly and i wanted to hear what more they could deliver.

What made them get my attention was these guys has some bad ass killing guitars and drums that makes me jump. I just love crazy heavy fast thumping guitars and drums and they really had nailed it. And to top notch it they have both speed and are very technical skilled, some crazy guitar riffs, beautiful solos came in some songs that made me go What the fuck!?!!.

They have both aggressive rhythm sections, nice breaks, melody and outstanding tempo changes and it is never a question of not having full speed ahead, no thinking here nooo. They blast the shit out of the guitars and drums from the first song! WOOW! IMPRESSED!

I loved their very excellent aggressive passionate vocals and rhythm sections and best of all these guys have sure found their own style and sound which is great mixed with some modern Thrash influences in the songs. I loved this work very much. Especially the very melodic Thrasher song “Confines”, It makes me want to do the windmill or the song “Origin” and “Worthless” makes me want to jump around like an maniac”.

To the band: Great job guys you got me in your spell! Keep on doing it! \m/ You rock! \m/
To the crowd: An album that is recommended to buy because of every second in it is a gem and worth every penny.

An album for any Thrasher headbanging crazy person that loves insane head banging and runnig around in mosh pits to Slayer, Anthrax and other Thrasher bands in same sections… Watch out for the Dying Empire, They are planning to rule you with their crazy vocals, guitars and drums; BUT YOU WILL LOVE IT!! Thrash away! This album grows the more you listen to it!!

I get some DYSTOPIA of some killer bad ass drums and guitars of Dying Empire’s new album that is released on November 25, 2016 through Art Gates Records

Best song/songs: ..From Genesis, Origin, Confines, Walk Of The Dead, Oblivion, Burn The Empire Humanity

Rating 7/10 Stars
-War Metal Sweden

Gastel – Guitar/Vocals
Mag – Guitar
O’Malley – Bass
Benner – Drums

Dystopia EP (2015)
Dystopia Full-Length (2016)

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