Review of MAD HATTER´S DEN – “EXCELSIOR” (2016) by War Metal Sweden Zine

Genre: Heavy Metal
Released: April 8, 2016 (Worldwide)
Label: Inverse Records Finland
Home Town: Tampere, Finland


This band takes you really on a hero’s journey away from this plain dull daily world and life we live in, into a life changing journey with their new  full-length album “EXCELSIOR” you will be flying away into the unknown with the castle of Kings just like the album cover is suggesting.

From the first riff i was spellbound. Totally hooked! I needed to explore this journey more!

Musically this albums music has so many different aspects in it, it is totally mind-blowing, in parts you hear influences of mixes of folklore music such as influences of Celtic and irish and Scottish folk music, then you hear it topped with influences of Power Metal and plain pure Heavy Metal thrown into the mix strengthened by excellent guitar play and keyboard play, it has such a depth and width this bands music, still it does not get lost anywhere, it is still pure and simply powerful and beautiful Heavy Metal in its pure simplicity and best quality. The musicians virtuosity and technicality are strengthened by the vocalists soar and powerful strong voice of vocals of clean singing which makes you feel like you are flying and ascending trough the songs like a Heroe inside life’s own journey.

This album looking at it is not just an album, it has a story too in it too if the listener pay close attention to both the vocalists lyrics of the songs and what the track list contains. It makes me to think of  Joseph Campbell’s book of the mythological heroe’s journey with the 1000 faces trough transformation, and this band did really take me on Campbell’s Heroe’s journey in a musically mythological version by just listen to them!
I just loved this work and the way the music is composed and written, it is just plain and simply totally excellent and lyrically genius! Just pure and simply bloody Brilliant!

This is a band for fans of Stratovarius, Sonata Artica, Swedish Blacksmith band,  Italian Cydonia, Ensiferum and every Heavy Metal plonker’s out there, still it is just pure and simple Heavy Metal with some Power Metal thrown into the mix and so much more. To be honest it is hard to put this band in a Metal genre tray anywhere because of this band’s musically virtuosity and genius of width and depth of their musical skills. It simply to brilliant and has to be experienced!

Track list
01. Eye of the Storm
02. Break the Chains (Into the Black)
03. Birds Of Prey
04. Masters Of Hate
05. Trail Of Fears
06. Through The Unknown
07. Guardian Angel
08. Hero’s End (At the Silver Gates)
09. Ascension
10. The Aftermath
11. Not Of this World

Best brilliant Song: Break The Chains (Into The Black), Birds of Prey, Masters of Hate, Hero’s End, The Aftermath, Not Of This World

I am in trans(-formed) forever by The Masters Of Fate of These Finnish Mad Hatter’s!

Rating: 4/5
– War Metal Sweden Zine

The album is available worldwide both in CD format and via Electronic Download online. The CD can be bought directly from Inverse Records own shop