Review Quake The Earth – “Declaration Of War”

Band: Quake The Earth
Album: Declaration Of War
Year: 2016
Genre: Thrash Metal / Hardcore
Country: Finland


01. Silence Is Golden
02. The Ash of Phoenix
03. Blood in Blood Out
04. Modern Slaves
05. Who Will Rise
06. Declaration of War
07. The Legacy We Leave
08. Separate the Negativity
09. Always Us
10. Vitun Lampaat

In this album silence is sure not golden. Here is hammering fast speeded drums and slamming guitars and in some parts screaming vocals that would make ol’granny get scarred and run away! Saying anything else about this powerful band with muscles would be a lie. Still it is a band with great virtuosity. This is Metal like a fine bottle of whiskey for anyone that appreciate speed, noise, head banging sessions and jumping into” The Wall of Death”.

What? Is this Finnish? Hail Finland! Awesome accomplishment! Get the lighter folks at track nine because there it is a song with passionate feeling

Best songs: The Ash Of Phoenix, The Legacy We Leave, Always Us.

For fans that appreciates bands like Hatebreed, Rage Against the Machine and similar bands.

Rating: 4/5 Stars
– War Metal Sweden Zine

“Declaration Of War” was released trough Inverse Records September 9th 2016.

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