The Finnish Death/Thrash Metallers Re-Armed have been around since 2001, when five guys from Kerava, Finland decided to start playing similar music likened to so-called “Gothenburg Metal”.
Their musical style has evolved along with many critically acclaimed demo tapes, gigs, lineup changes and a well received debut album “Worldwide Hypnotize”, which was released internationally on January 2012 via Massacre Records.
After releasing their debut album, the band supported names such as Chimaira, Suffocation, Origin, Cattle Decapitation and Cryptopsy for the tours in Europe.
In the same year Re-Armed also made their first big out-door festival appearance at Bloodstock Open Air at Catton Hall in the UK.

The second album “Rottendam” was released on January 2014 via Eternal Sound Records, but major lineup changes froze the band almost for a year. Former guitarist/songwriter Tommi Helkalahti decided to leave the band – leaving vocalist Jouni Matilainen as the only current former member in the band.

In 2015 the new lineup is in order faster than expected. The Self-released single/EP “Total Lack of Communication” was released on August 2015 and the band toured even in China to support the release.
Now with fresh blood in their veins the band  has now released their third  full-length album “The Era of Precarity” that was released in Finland on September 16 and the rest of the world was followed on September 30, 2016 via Saarni Records.

The physical core of the album is packed into a stylish digipak, which is made from ecological materials.
The band has pledged to donate 50 cents from the sale of every copy to Karma Ry in Finland which is an organisation that supports elder people and young adults in the band’s own hometown area with their activities to prevent disenfranchisement.

The bands statement about their new album:
“-The Era of Precarity is a fully conceptual album where each track dives into a dystopian-world that you would never want to live in.
The album reflects decadent elements of our society and challenges the listener to think what kind of world we want to live in now and in the future.
All the major conflicts of the 21st century are still solved with warfare and the interesting question is; “- Do we really want to leave this perishing world as a legacy to our descendants?”

Therefore the message is current and very serious. So while you’re listening to the record we recommend you to leave larping clothes, drinking horns and mythological characters into the depths of your imagination.
The world is here and right now!


RE-ARMED “The Era of Precarity” CD can be bought trough 
Saarni Music Webstore, Re-Armed: “The Era of Precarity” CD

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iTunes Album Re-Armed “The Era Of Precarity”

Band Members
Juhana Heinonen – Bass and Backup Vocals
Iiro Karjalainen – Drums
Mika Oinonen – Guitars and Backup Vocals
Jussi Venäläinen – Guitars
Jouni Matilainen – Lead Vocals

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