The Melodic Heavy-Power Metal band DEFIANT from Zaporizjzja in south east Ukraine since its formation in 2008  has enthralled their fans as a band as their music is both musically powerful as it is equally melodic.
The band has previously released three EP’s and during 2012 a full-length debut album named “Masquerade” which layed the groundwork for their next coming release, the 12 track full-length album that now will be released on November 25, 2016 named “Time Isn’t Healing”, it will be released trough Ferrrum Records.

Band Members
Eugeniy Smolin – Drums
Andrey Turkovsky – Guitar
Oleg Yakovlev – Bass
Victoria Terzieva – Keyboard
Stanislav Proshkin – Vocals

This is a band for fans of HELLOWEEN, RAGE, and similar bands.

Please take a listen to the teaser from their coming album in the teaser video below

“Time Isn’t Healing” tracklist:
01. “Strom” (Intro)
02. “Milestones In Time”
03. “The Jericho”
04. “Funeral Feast”
05. “Time Isn’t Healing”
06. “According To The Acts”
07. “The Dream”
08. “Don’t Trust The Words”
09. “The Truth And The Lie”
10. “The Grief”
11. “Soul Is Burning”
12. “The Eagle”


Album artwork created by Mayhem Design.

You can already Pre-order the CD album trough this link – Defiant “Time Isn´t Healing”

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