Review of Dead End Finland – “Slaves To The Greed” (2016) by War Metal Sweden Zine

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The bands approach is a mix of everything both vocally and music wise. Even a non metalhead would love this band. A easy listend album you just want to headbang to. This band has sure found their own sound wholly and are not a plagiat of anything which is great. Seldom you find bands these days that not doing their own thing but are a plagiat of other bands, this band does not have that as it is wholly in their own cathegory. A great surprise indeed. Just loved this work. Musically they are very technically skilled musicians and you can hear they have worked hard with this album as the result is epic and they would fit on most stages with this approach they now deliverd after two years hard work. Their approach of a mixing clean music, clean vocals mixed with growls makes the songs sounds so wonderfully well made and well thought out. The album is just not an album it also has a great story and message to tell for the listener.

The songs “Messenger Of Sorrow”, “Nightfall” and “5000 Voices” “The Devil Inside Me”are great songs and has a mix of everything a metal lover would look for in a album. “Screaming back to Hell” is an awesome epic work. Your head starts to bopping. In some scence i hear influences there of Amon Amarth in the guitars, still this song is their own and so clean with a great chorus and it has both power, energy and feeling. There was not one song on this album i did not like, I Just Loved it the whole album.

The whole album is well made and well thought out. It is sure noticed it took them two years to create this album. It is sure a great epic work. This is a band that most metal lovers would love. A must have album in a Metalhead’s collection for sure.

Rating: 4/5 stars
-War Metal Sweden Zine

Dead End Finland new album “Slaves To The Greed” will be released worldwide on the 4th of November 2016 via Inverse Records

From Inverse Records
We recommend to get the album when it is released and put your headphones on and spend a joyful 45 minutes of listening. We hope that this album will reveal something new every time you listen it. There’s maybe not any hidden messages when playing it backwards, but if you turn it loud and play it with 150db volume, it sounds louder than Jumbo jet.

New album ‘Slaves To The Greed’ – out now! Order a cd from Levykauppa X, download digital from iTunes or listen to stream on Spotify.
Inverse Recordshop – Dead End Finland Dead End Finland Dead End Finland

Stain Of Disgrace (full-length 2011 independent / 2012 Inverse Records)
Season Of Withering (full-length 2013 Inverse Records)
Slaves To The Greed (full-length 2016 Inverse Records)

Mikko Virtanen – Vocals
Santtu Rosén – Guitars & bass
Miska Rajasuo – Drums
Jarno Hänninen – Keys