SynlakrosS is a five piece “Storytelling” Modern Metal / Melodic Death Metal band born in Valencia, Spain. whose proposal seeks to inject a good dose of energy through songs that transport your mind to a world of adventure with a good deal of rebellion.
Sharp riffs and powerful rhythms accompany a female voice that will caress and shake your eardrum equally.

Although it was conceived in 2008 by Pablo ‘Roro’ and Tiko Martinez, they continue creating and composing with the excitement of the first day, like a big family and very hard since 2010 when the formation was closed. In 2015 they won the Granito Rock Festival contest in the Metal section, receiving national recognition.
Their second album ‘Death Bullets For A Forajido’ is worldwide available since May 26,2016 and is receiving great reviews from around the world. This October the band will share stage with the international bands The Agonist and Jinjer, and this is only the beginning, they have plans for an international tour.
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Patricia Pons – Vocals
Iván Muñoz – Lead Guitar
Horacio Bort – Guitar
Pablo Fuentes- Bass
Tiko Marínez- Drums

2016 Death Bullets For A Forajido LP Curly Wolves – Music Video
2015 Ganadores del concurso del festival Granito Rock – Winners of the Granito Rock Festival contest
Dragon Egg, Single Lyric Video
2014 Wish I Had An Angel Single Cover version of Nightwish
Beauty From The Deep Playthrough

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